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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Aw, Shit. Go… White Sox.

Posted by on October 22 at 8:15 AM

So, being from the North Side of Chicago and, perforce, a Chicago Cubs fan, I was distraught when the hated White Sox, the South Side team, made it to the World Series. I rooted for the St. Louis Cardinals in the playoffs, and I was prepared to root for the Houston Astros in the World Series. But then I picked up today’s New York Times and learned that the White Sox Manager is Latino and the General Manager is an African-American.

Aw, shit. Now I have to root for the White Sox—not because I like the team or like their South Side fans. The South Side of Chicago is—how do I put this nicely?—full of racist motherfuckers, and the White Sox has always been the home team of Chicago’s racist motherfuckers. Cubs fan worshipped players like Ernie Banks, the Sox had fans like these white trash assholes. So it will be a good karmic punishment/reversal if all the Sox fans in Chicago have to thank a black man—the only African-American general manager in Major League Baseball—and an Hispanic man—one of two Latino managers in Major League Baseball—for leading the Sox to their first World Series championship in decades.

Go… sigh… Sox.