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Thursday, September 15, 2005

You Didn’t Leave a Number

Posted by on September 15 at 13:46 PM

To the Woman Who Called in to Complain About Our Endorsement Issue Because You Wanted to See Our Picks Sooner,

You complain that we always run our endorsements one week out from election day instead of two weeks out because most people vote by mail nowadays, and so, they’ve already voted. This is true, which is exactly why we’ve run our endorsements two weeks out from election day every year for the last five years.

The reason we published them a week out this year is because we hosted an all-candidates debate for the public last week (two weeks out), and we didn’t think it would be appropriate to have our endorsements on the street while we had a debate going on. (And, even though our Ed board had already spent the month of August interviewing the candidates at our offices, the public debate ended up dramatically influencing some of our picks.)

Why didn’t we do our debate three weeks out, so we could have published two weeks out? Cuz, that would have put our debate in August, and no one is paying attention to elections in August, and we wanted the candidates to have a big audiencewhich they got: 200 people and media coverage in the Seattle Times. You should have been there.

Per usual, our endorsements for the general election will come out two weeks in advance.