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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Whatever happened to my rock and roll

Posted by on September 15 at 8:33 AM

Last night was the perfect setting for Black Rebel Motorcycle Club to come through town. The weather’s getting a bit chilly, people are pulling their fall clothes out the closet…it’s a good time to sip wine and wrap yourself in some stylish music. And BRMC is stylish music—the handsome musicians, all that reverb, the lyrics about rock ‘n’ roll—but there’s still much substance there as well. I’ve seen the band play from the time they were still very much in San Francisco through their swings through Seattle and I’ve yet to see a bad show. Last night was no different. I will say the stripped back, bluesier songs off the new record don’t hold a candle to the feedback drenched enormity of the older songs, but still those guys put on a great live show, even when it’s just one guy, his harmonica, and a guitar. It’s nice when the crowd is so into it too, save for the one drunk idiot who kept yelling “Tragically hip” repeatedly between songs.