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Friday, September 9, 2005

Weekly Paper vs. Weekly Paper

Posted by on September 9 at 9:42 AM

Think the Stranger is rude, mean, and just plain heavy handed when it comes to bashing the Weekly?

It could be much worse. Check out this piece in the SF Weekly by New Times Media executive editor Michael Lacey, attacking the SF Guardian publisher Bruce Brugmann, who recently published a piece about a potential merger that would affect the SF Weekly (not to mention the Seattle Weekly…).

It is no secret in our industry, or anywhere in the greater Bay Area, that Brugmann is bull-goose loony. Consequently, sane people desert any room that Brugmann is sucking the oxygen out of. Why engage a homeless paranoid in conversation about the contents of his shopping cart?

See, we would never say something so mean about Weekly editor Knute Berger.