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Friday, September 23, 2005

Wait: Not Kaput Yet

Posted by on September 23 at 15:55 PM

So, the SMP Board just voted to put a proposal for a shorter route on the November ballot. Ballard’s out. The 10.6 mile route would be from the maintenance base at Dravus in Interbay through downtown to Alaska Junction in West Seattle. If the ballot measure is rejected, the SMP will be dissolved. SMP Legal Director Ross MacFarlane, ballot papers in hand, rushed by Erica C. Barnett at 3:15 to make the 4:30 King County elections deadline.

The ballot measure also would require that any financing for an extension be approved by the city council.

Also of note from today’s dramatic SMP board meeting: Board member Steve Williamson—in attendance over speaker phone—called on Board Chair Kristina Hill to resign. Hill said she was “hurt” that Williamson made such a recommendation publicly. She did not resign.