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Sunday, September 4, 2005

The Inevitable Asshole

Posted by on September 4 at 16:56 PM

Regarding the unprecedented American horror unfolding in New Orleans: Someone genius has posted the inevitable “those lazy coons brought it on themselves” argument in the I, Anonymous forum.

I can’t reply within the forum itselfno one can; the I Anon forum is strictly hit-and-runso I’ll do it here.

Dear idiotic asshole: Those stranded did not have means to flee, and the government failed to provide any kind of mass transit to aid their escape. As for self-motivated salvation and Tsunami comparisons: In Thailand, you dumbfuck, the water clobbered the land then went away, while in New Orleans, thanks to its tragedy-taunting below-sea-level basin, the water came and stayed, trapping those that remained and hindering the majority of escape/rescue operations. If you think living in a below-sea-level basin is reason enough to deserve horrific trauma and death, consider your own residence in a region centuries overdue for a history-altering earthquake.

In the meantime, you should stop restricting your racism to dubious conspiracy theories inspired by national tragedies. It’s clearly who you arewear your white hood with pride, brother.