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Monday, September 5, 2005

Re: The Urgent Necessity of Comedy

Posted by on September 5 at 12:39 PM

With sympathy to Dave Segal, who slogged about being shut out of every comedy event he tried to attend at Bumbershoot, I must report that I managed to catch some great, angst-dispelling comedy this weekend.

First came Lauren Weedman’s solo show Wreckage, which I caught at Bumbershoot on Saturday. The show’s subject matter could hardly be darkerin college, Weedman told a little white lie about being raped that soon took over her lifebut the show itself, thanks to Weedman’s self-excoriating wit and dazzling mimicry skills, is a rich, itchy triumph.

Then came last night’s Bumbershoot after-party at the Mirabeau Room, where a handful of local and national comedians took to the stage for nouveau spins on stand-up. Best in show: the widely adored Eugene Mirman, who I’d never encountered before and who charmed me silly; the Edinburgh-conquering Reggie Watts Tangent (it’s not everyone who can spin yuks from a sweet-natured tale of stalking a woman to death); and up-n-coming local Fahim Anwar, a baby-faced 21-year-old of Afghan descent who’ll be a featured performer in this week’s premiere installment of Unhinged, the weekly showcase devoted to alterna-comedy starting this Wednesday and continuing every Wednesday after at the Mirabeau Room. (Check it outit’s about time this town got a punk comedy night to call its own, and props to Dave Meinert for making it happen.)