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Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Raw Power

Posted by on September 6 at 8:44 AM

For the final show on the last night of Bumbershoot Monday, Mudhoney slammed out their classics and threw in what sounded to be a couple new, great songs (they’ll have a new record out on Sup Pop) some time soon. Wry frontman Mark Arm informed they crowd that “The only reason we’re playing here is because we offered to give blow jobs if they let us open for the Stooges. One Reel is a big organization…and a lot of it is male. And our jaws are tired.” Following Mudhoney, The Stooges took the stage in top form. Iggy Pop whipped around the stage like he was a good 40 years younger than his age. Shirtless and sporting tight jeans and silky, long blonde hair, he looked like he’d just walked in off the Venice Boardwalk. He spent most of the show bounding and bouncing around the stageonce even flying out into the crowd for part of a song. Although they skipped “Search and Destroy,” the Stooges also played plenty of hits, and about a third of the way through Iggy stopped the show to invite the crowd onto the stage, refusing to play until the security guards allowed about 100 thrilled kids (who he referred to as the “Seattle dancers”) to pogo around him. He then went into “No Fun” surrounded by this throng, while he stayed seated at the edge of the stage. Now while seeing a show at the outdoor arena—where the sound is never loud enough to truly match the vigor of the music and it’s difficult sharing this favorite band with a huge sea of people—sucks, for this show it was worth it. The Stoogeswith Mike Watt on bassreally nailed it last night.

If anyone else has Stooges/general Bumbershoot reviews, feel free to post some here.