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Thursday, September 8, 2005

The Great City Council Debate

Posted by on September 8 at 12:21 PM

More highlights from last night’s city council candidates’ forum:

• Of all ten city council candidates competing in the primary, only two - socialist Linda Averill (running against Jan Drago) and libertarian-leaning landlord Robert Rosencrantz (running against Richard McIver) opposed the mayor’s punitive proposed strip-club regulations, which would ban lap dances and require bright lighting in the city’s remaining strip clubs -all four of them.

• Port Commissioner Paige Miller, whose plan to save the waterfront streetcar was rejected after further study revealed it would cost millions of dollars more than the mayor’s, offered a convoluted explanation for why she continues to take credit for saving the trolley. “I came up with a plan,” she said. Not an affordable plan, not a viable plan, not the plan that will ultimately be adopted, but a plan nonetheless. That counts for something, right?…

• Rosencrantz's position on the lap-dance ban might have won him a few votes, but he lost just as many when he (along with Casey Corr) answered the question "Does George Bush care about black people?" with a resounding "yes." An lengthy unsolicited explanation of why it's OK for Seattle voters to support Rosencrantz, who is white, against Richard McIver, the only black member of the council, sounded like a backhanded attack on affirmative action and prompted a stunned silence in the crowd.

• Dan and Josh repeatedly slammed Casey Corr and Richard Conlin for their opposition to the monorail. (Conlin has been a monorail opponent all along; Corr switched positions on the monorail when the $11 billion finance plan came out and, conveniently, when he switched from Conlin's seat to run against monorail suppoter Jan Drago.) While Conlin was gracious and cool under pressure (every time Dan attacked him, Richard smiled almost sadistically and said, "Thank you, Dan,") Corr responded by becoming defensive and belligerent - perhaps not the smartest strategy in a room filled with Stranger-reading monorail sympathizers.

• And Corr still refused to acknowledge that he misled the Stranger's editorial board about whether the anti-monorail group OnTrack had done a fundraiser for him, accusing Josh of either being "misinformed" or lying about what Corr told us during his endorsement interview. (For which, incidentally, Corr showed up half an hour late.) This morning, I re-read the transcript, and here's what he said in response to our question about OnTrack: "A bunch of [Downtown Seattle Association] and downtown folks are doing a fundraiser for me." What Corr failed to mention was that ten out of twelve of those "downtown folks" were members of OnTrack or leaders of the Monorail Recall campaign.