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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Live! Nude! Slogging!

Posted by on September 21 at 14:17 PM

I’m live-slogging from the Online Coffee Company at First and Seneca. There’s a naked guy across the street from the cafe, where I am—right now! live!—working on next week’s Savage Love. Naked man is naked from the waist up, and he’s having a hard time holding up his pants, which are extremely baggy. I’m seeing a lot of full-on ass, and—oh, my God!—he’s squating over the curb and it looks like he’s about to take a dump on First Avenue! Right there in front of Knoll! I want to look away but… I can’t.

No, wait. He’s apparently thought better of it. He’s pulling up his pants, he’s starting to do a little dance around a trashcan.

Now he’s pulling on a shirt. Now he’s walking down the street pushing a shopping cart full of boxes. It’s sad, really, and I feel guilty muscling in on OFFENDING PASSAGE DELETED’s beat here. It’s too bad I don’t have a camera phone with me, because there’s some good photos I could be taking right now.