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Thursday, September 8, 2005

Last Night’s City Council Candidate Debate

Posted by on September 8 at 9:09 AM

We had our city council candidate debate last night. There were close to 200 people there (!!), so there was no way we could get to all the audience questions and comments. (We had the audience write down questions and comments and pass them in during the debate.) We managed to squeeze in a bunch of them between our own questions, like this great suggestion from one audience member: “All Candidates: 4-foot rule between you and Paul Allen.” We’ll type up the 30 or so that we didn’t get toand post them here on the SLOG as soon as we can.

Go to the SLOG Forum and check out what people are saying. It looks like the debate is spilling over to this morning.

Here’s the first post that went up on the SLOG Forum last night right after the debate:

Paige Miller - you seem entirely worthless. i don't give a shit about the waterfront trolley. you'd better come up with something better than that. oh - and waving the "yes" sign in front of that girl's face (saying yes, i do want to take your livelihood away from you - not too bright lady). in summary - no way in hell i would ever vote for you. i would piss in your soup or key your car though - if i was in a foul mood.

Darlene Madenwald - i smoke. find something better to be concerned about - like poverty - or racism - or pollution (real pollution - from cars and factories, not smoke at bars).

Richard Conlin - you'll prolly get my vote - but only because your challengers are worthless.

Jan Drago - you're a politician and a dumb old hag. no.

Casey Corr - come to my door. you say 6,000 doors so far.. good work. i still think you're a slimy bastard and a liar. plus what the shit was up with that palm tree shirt?

Linda Averill - you have my vote. i wish you would be in line with the people's waterfront coalition. that's my only real disagreement with you. i loved how you said no to 'no smoking in bars' and noted that the real pollution around here comes from cars and industry and let's deal with industry before we f. with personal freedoms. thank you for supporting the strip clubs. thank you for wanting to raise the minimum wage.

Ángel Bolanos - i think you talk more about yourself and less about others. you'd get my vote if you weren't in the same race as linda a.

Dwight Pelz - you're confident and brash and you're a h. dean supporter. that's what i like. i don't like your policies and i don't like that you voted against a first hill station. long term investment vs. shorter-term funding buddy. transit must serve the people or it's not mass transit.

Robert Rosencrantz - George Bush does not care about black people. Let's make that clear and until you're willing to say that you'll just be a big puss. we don't need free internet in this city we need higher wages and cheaper housing so we can afford to buy whatever services we wish.

Richard McIver - you whipped out a pack of camel's during the debate and that was cool. you seem tired buddy. you're black - you're soft-spoken, and you voted for the station on first hill. i got the impression you're a good guy - even if your performance wasn't so hot in my opinion.

- thanks to the stranger for putting that on. much appreciated. -