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Friday, September 16, 2005

If a Stripper Strips…

Posted by on September 16 at 10:18 AM

If a stripper strips and there’s no one there to look at her tits, did she get naked?

That’s a philosophical debate we can avoid if we get our asses down to New Orleans ASAP after the French Quarter re-opens—and that’s going to happen sooner than folks were predicting a week ago. Check out this story, which was originally headlined “French Quarter Races to Reopen.” Here’s an uplifting quote from a respectable New Orleans businessman:

“It’ll be better than ever,” said Jason Mohney, the owner of four strip clubs on Bourbon Street, the bawdy and tacky haven for tourists in the heart of the French Quarter. “A lot of federal money will be coming in here. Big-time developers will come, too,” he said late on Thursday as he and a team or workers cleaned up at one of the clubs, hoping to open as early as the weekend.

The President of the United States is quoted in the story too—after the heroic strip club owner.

“There is no way to imagine America without New Orleans, and this great city will rise again,” Bush said in a televised prime-time speech from the French Quarter’s historic Jackson Square on Thursday night.

Yes, Mr. President, the great city of New Orleans will rise again—plenty of things will surely rise again in New Orleans—thanks to the efforts of Mr. Mohney and his crew.

Katrina was a tragedy, and if I had the power to retroactively prevent a hurricane, I’d do it. But in a way you’ve got to love a natural disaster that result in the thoughts of strip club owners taking precedence over those of the president.