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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Gang Bang for Katrina?

Posted by on September 21 at 10:27 AM

Oh dear…here’s an ad forwarded to me by my fella Jake, who found it on a gay message board in Manhattan. Warning: It’s graphic, and a bit icky, but it’s the thought that counts, right? Plus, I can’t help thinking how much better off New Orleans might be if the government’s rescue and relief efforts had been as meticulously organized as this gang-bang fundraiser…Enjoy!

Seeking tops (all ages/sizes) interested in gang banging for Katrina. (if your a bottom please see the end of this message).

This is happening about 8:30 or 9pm TONIGHT ONLY. We are looking for 5 tops Max. We need to know:

* Your age, weight, height, race, body type, cock size, etc.

We have an attractive asian bottom, smooth, slim, 28 yo, who is willing to take on tops of all ages, sizes, and shapes as long as your willing to donate $30 (or more) to Katrina. (We will be sending the money to the red cross).

* You need to be Hiv Neg
* Able to maintain an erection while using a condom
* Exact Change welcome! (no cash pre-donate w/ PayPal)

Your turn at bat!
* You can fuck as long / hard as you like until you either cum or lose your erection.
* Once you cum or get soft, your turn is up and its time for you to leave.

Our Bottom:
Our bottom will be tied up, lubed up and and ready for action. Our bottom will accept safe anal sex only..

Are you a bottom:?
Are you an attractive bottom who can handle at least 5-6 guys and are open to handling guys of a vareity of body types and sizes for charity? let us know!