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Friday, September 23, 2005

Dispatches from Washington

Posted by on September 23 at 12:32 PM

Today’s Washington Post reports that anti-war demonstrators there plan to have a tightly focused message in tomorrow’s march:

In recent weeks, Bill Dobbs, media coordinator for United for Peace and Justice, has sometimes cut off speakers at news conferences when they began a passionate discussion of how war is connected to global and local oppression.

Spreading out his long arms, he speaks the message he wants everyone to repeat: “End the war in Iraq. Bring them home now.”

“That is the really important message at the moment,” he said. “To turn out the maximum number of people, we need the simplest and clearest message.”

Don’t forget to send us your “simple and clear” message ideas. We’ll post the best ones here by the end of the day. Hopefully Seattle’s march organizers will take note.