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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Asterisk on Nickels’s Neighborhood Spending

Posted by on September 17 at 18:15 PM

In our Nickels endorsement last week we wrote that Nickels slated $159 million for over 190 neighborhood projects last year. I should clarify: The $159 million was slated in last year’s 2004-2005 budget, meaning the money was spread over two years. Second, the money comes from a mix of general fund sources and voter-approved levy money.

This information raises legitimate questions about our claim that Nickels “prioritized neighborhood spending.” I could take a stab at addressing those questions, but I’ll leave them hanging instead. I’m not wasting my time defending Mayor Greg “I’ll Build a Baseball Stadium After the Public Votes Against It, but I’ll Pull the Plug on Rapid Mass Transit After the Public Votes For It” Nickels.