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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Full Force

Posted by on September 24 at 15:26 PM


In the middle of the fray.

Just when I, the lowly news intern, thought I was alone, I realized I was in the eye of the storm. The marchers, 3,000? have returned from the federal building, and they are here in full force chanting and waving pompoms, fists, and peace signs. A “Cindy Serves the Prince of Peace” sign just went by in the hands of a middle-aged woman, along with a “Bring Our Troops Home” banner.

There are drums, there is a giant white dove puppet made from a sheet and most of all there are excited, friendly people sending an unabashed message against the war in Iraq. The first bullhorn has been spotted in the hands of a makeshift drill-squad performing an anti-war cheer.

So far, the only opposition to the protest was demonstrated by two blonde-haired, big bottomed shoppers who shouted, “GO BUSH!” a few times as they passed by me. I was about to retaliate when a man on a bicycle did the job.