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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

9:52 PM—Greg’s Numbers

Posted by on September 20 at 21:52 PM

Greg’s numbers suck too—and where’s my money, Greg?—especially considering that his opponents aren’t qualified to tumble out of a clown car, much less run the city. Greg is essentially running unopposed, and he hasn’t broken 55%. Greg oughta be racking up numbers in the high sixties or low seventies. Clearly the neighborhoods are angrier at Greg than he or we thought—and angrier, in my opinion, than they have a right to be. Monorail supporters like me are angry too, which is why my vote today went to Christal Wood. Now I wish I had voted for Al Runte, who, if the numbers keep breaking his way (he’s racked up 22%!), will be facing a wounded Greg “Gridlockā€¯ Nickels in November.