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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

10:35 p.m. — A Prediction

Posted by on September 20 at 22:35 PM

Erica C. Barnett says:

Here’s my prediction for the Weekly’s post-election analysis tomorrow:

"The city council elections were a referendum on the monorail: Two monorail board incumbents floundered in second place behind anti-monorail opponents. Richard Conlin did better than expected because he made the monorail his main campaign issue. Jan Drago did more poorly than expected because she supported the monorail. And Richard McIver and Dwight Pelz, who both opposed the monorail, split the anti-monorail vote and did - um, better than expected."

Here's why they're wrong: Richard Conlin still has a formidable opponent in pro-monorail Paige Miller. Jan Drago, currently polling at 42 percent, was trouncing Casey Corr (with just under 25 percent), and will likely pick up many of the lefty voters who voted for socialist Linda Averill and goofy green Angel Bolanos. And all three candidates in McIver's race were against the monorail, making it a non-issue.

Oh: And not one Weekly reporter was seen at this year's primary election parties. Not one.