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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

10:08 p.m. — Last Batch of Numbers (For Us)

Posted by on September 20 at 22:08 PM

The third batch of results are in (and this is the last batch that we’ll report tonight, because of our looming deadline). Here are the highlights in the city of Seattle races:

* Al Runte now has 22.07% of the vote while Nickels has 55.66%

* Richard Conlin (48.36%) is still beating Paige Miller (36.62%)

* Jan Drago (42.87%) is still stomping on Casey Corr (24.42%)

* Richard McIver (37.41%) is now handily beating Robert Rosencrantz (29.93%), and in a big reversal of fortune, Rosencrantz is now LOSING to Dwight Pelz (32.50%)