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Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Posted by on August 23 at 18:29 PM

The NBC Nightly News opened with the Pat Robertson story. The anchor said…

“This is no extremist clericthis is a Christian broadcaster.”

Excuse me, NBC, but what the fuck? “Extremist cleric” and “Christian broadcaster” are not mutually exclusive categories. We have extremist clerics in the United States and they are, almost to a man, Christian broadcasters. They are also a threat to American democracy. Read this LA Times piece and then read Kos on it.

Hell, the theocrats at home may pose a greater threat to our constitution, our freedoms, and our way of life than any foreign “extremist cleric.” We don’t defer to the delicate sensibilities of extremist clerics in, say, Saudi Arabia or Pakistan. But here at home our extremist clerics have their expansive asscracks licked clean for them by our supposedly liberal media on a daily basis.

The American media needs to stop giving evil, bigoted, murderous, POWERFUL shits like Pat Robertson the benefit of the doubt. So he claims he’s a man of Godso fucking what? Claiming to be a man of God shouldn’t earn Robertson a free pass. It certainly shouldn’t prevent the media from labeling him an “extremist cleric.” That’s exactly what he is, you dumbfucks.

The American Talibanthey’re extremists. They hate our freedoms. And they’re infiltrating our government and cowing our media. Be afraid.