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Friday, August 26, 2005

Blogging on blogging

Posted by on August 26 at 9:29 AM

From another guy named Josh, over at Metroblogging Seattle:

Does anyone want to take bets on how long it will take for some news outlet to pick up on Josh Feit’s “Monorail Meshugaas” story without getting the point that it’s meant to be (and actually is) funny? I guess it would be more understandable than the Beijing Evening News reporting on the Onion’s story about the U.S. Congress threatening to abandon Washington, D.C. unless it got a new, modern Capitol building, complete with retractable roof.

Bonus points if it’s picked up domestically or if the secondary reportage fails to recognize that the anti-Semitism in the article is in reference to Cindi Laws who reportedly made anti-Semitic comments at a candidate forum and implied that there was a Jewish plot to kill the monorail.