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Thursday, August 25, 2005

All You Protest Kids

Posted by on August 25 at 11:32 AM

I don’t usually weigh in on the arts stuff, but since Frizzelle has given us a post about President Bush, I’m gonna cross genres here. Did anyone read the op/ed piece in yesterday’s NYT about…the Beatles???
How embarrassing. The guy’s point was basically that the ’60s were a really cool time thanks to the emergence of socially conscious teens. The Beatles, he tells us, mirrored, and to some extent, helped spark that groovy long lost era. Umm. Thanks, guy. This articlebasically cloying ’60s nostalgia meets trite 10th-grade-boy pseudo history lecture (complete with the standard Altamont and Manson Family references)had no business being published. Keep that shit for bar room chatter. What a joke. And the Baby Boomers wonder why they inspire such ridicule. The Beatles???? They’re really good, but they’re nothing more than an outstanding ’60s rock act. Enough pseudo intellectual drivel about it already!