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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Aimee Bender does not use an alarm clock

posted by on August 27 at 5:21 PM

At her reading at Elliott Bay Book Co. on Thursday, Aimee Bender (The Girl in the Flammable Skirt, Willful Creatures) got the questions every writer always gets, which was kind of a shame, because here’s a writer open to more bizarre shit than most (some first sentences: “Steven returned from the war without lips,” “There were two mutant girls in the town: one had a hand made of fire and the other had a hand made of ice,” “The motherfucker arrived at the West Coast from the Midwest”), but no one asked her any suitably bizarre questions, not even anything obvious, like, Why’d you once write that story about the guy who evolves backwards into an ape, and then a sea turtle, and then a salamander?

Instead, Bender got the greedy, frantic questions of a crowd full of fans who, in spite of their love for her, asked what people who’d never read Bender could have asked her: How does your writing process begin? Sits at a desk for two hours every day. What’s your source of inspiration for sitting there for two hours every day? “It’s the law.” You really sit there for two hours? Yes. Do you ever write for more than two hours? No. Why not? Makes things easier. How do you know when you’re done with a story? Appropriately vague answer. What are you reading right now? Middlesex. Do you write in the morning? Yes. Do you eat breakfast during? Yes, yogurt and grapenuts. Do you set an alarm or does it just happen when you get up? Happens when she gets up. Longhand or laptop? Desktop.

There were one or two other questions, but that was about it.

Suds in the City

posted by on August 27 at 2:47 PM

I saw this truck todayit’s a mobile dog-washing vehicle. That’s an interesting business concept, one that could probably do really well in dog-loving Seattle. And the name, Suds in the City, is catchy. But check out that logothey put dog heads on women’s bodies. What the hell?


More Than You Ever Wanted To Know About Elvira (And Tom Jones)

posted by on August 27 at 11:22 AM

Thanks to a story posted today on, I’ve learned that Elvira, Mistress of the Dark lost her virginity to Mr. Sex Bomb himself, Tom Jones—whose wang was so sizey that Elvira needed stitches afterwards.

Full story (including Elvira’s teenage flirtations with Elvis) here.

Friday, August 26, 2005

FDA Delays Emergency Contraceptive Ruling

posted by on August 26 at 6:23 PM

So the Washington Post reports the FDA is again putting off a decision on allowing over-the-counter sales of Plan B. The NYT puts it a bit more harshly: their headline reads “F.D.A. Again Denies Application for Morning-After Pill.” Despite their stealth release of the news on a Friday night, the FDA is claiming that the reason they’re waiting is that they want to “gather public sentiment” on the proposal. Here’s my public sentiment on the delay: bullshit.

Quick update: in 2003, the FDA’s scientific advisors recommended that Plan B (which is not an abortofacient) be available without a prescription. (It’s already available without a doctor’s prescription in Washington State—you can go straight to a participating pharmacist.) The FDA refused, citing concerns for young teens.

That’s still their problem. According to the New York Times, the FDA commissioner Lester Crawford claims that “the issue was at what age teens can understand how to use the pills properly.” Putting aside the fact that it would be extremely easy to check IDs at the drugstore, the instructions on the Plan B package are not difficult. You take one pill (a high dose of the same hormone, progestin, that’s in regular birth control pills). Then you take another 12 hours later. Simple. It’s not young teens who are stupid. It’s the FDA.

Sens. Hillary Clinton and our own Patty Murray are all over it. Good job, ladies.

Re: Bjrk’s Shark-Jumping Moment

posted by on August 26 at 4:13 PM

Dude, I’m behind on my gossip. If she married him, then damn, lady’s got some bad taste.

Re: Bjrk’s Shark-Jumping Moment

posted by on August 26 at 4:06 PM

Or maybe Bjrk’s mistake was agreeing to work with that hack Matthew Barney in the first place. Down with Cremaster!

Perhaps, Annie. I haven’t seen Cremaster, so I reserve judgment.

Bjrk and Barney are married. They say love is blindsometimes it’s deaf, too.

Re: Bjrk’s Shark-Jumping Moment

posted by on August 26 at 3:57 PM

Or maybe Bjrk’s mistake was agreeing to work with that hack Matthew Barney in the first place. Down with Cremaster!

August Wilson Has Liver Cancer

posted by on August 26 at 3:47 PM

August Wilson, the two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright who lives on Seattle’s Capitol Hill, has announced his diagnosis with liver cancer, telling the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that he is dying (doctors give him three to five months) and he is ready.

Full story here.

Re: Terrorist Whale

posted by on August 26 at 3:32 PM

Someone who knows his whales sent me this email:

it’s too bad that Aljazeera couldn’t find a stock image of an actual killer whale to illustrate their story. The whale pictured looks more like a humpback than an orca.

Stood Up

posted by on August 26 at 3:24 PM

Two members of the news team walked downtown today to meet the monorail’s new director, John Haley - a consultant who’s being paid more than $38,000 a month to figure out a way to turn around the troubled agency. After sitting for nearly half an hour in the SMP’s depressingly empty waiting room, we were greeted by SMP spokeswoman Natasha Jones, who told us she was very sorry, but Haley was out of the office - meeting with Sound Transit director Joni Earl. What he was doing hanging out at the rival transit agency is anybody’s guess - asking for money, perhaps?

Bjrk’s Shark-Jumping Moment

posted by on August 26 at 3:21 PM

I am generally sympathetic towardif not enthralled witheverything Bjrk has done in her solo career, especially her hiring of Matmos to produce some of her tracks and to play in her live band. But on her new soundtrack to Matthew Barney’s Drawing Restraint 9, she greenlights a track that never should’ve been lasered onto aluminum. I’m talking about “Holographic Entrypoint,” track 9 for your programming displeasure. For 10 minutes of the Barney-written composition, Shonosuke Okura sporadically hits a wood block and chants in Japanese, sounding as if he’s trying to pass a kidney stoneor a strained metaphor. I don’t want to give Gitmo’s alleged torturers any more devious ideas, but they may want to put this track on infinite loop in order to “facilitate” the flow of information from detainees.

Honey Bucket Horror

posted by on August 26 at 2:32 PM

If you’re looking for a good mid-afternoon jolt, head directly to the I Anonymous Forum, where a nameless Gorge-goer shares a horrifying tale of love in a Honey Bucket.

(And while you’re there, check out the entry “You Will Pay For What You Did,” easily one of the darkest entries we’ve ever received…)

“Political-orientation harrassment, violence and hate crimes”

posted by on August 26 at 2:00 PM

This just in, the background on my entry yesterday regarding a “Wanted” poster calling for the head of an anti-Republican windshield wiper vandal:

Posted: Mon Aug 22, 2005 12:23 am

Post subject: Leftists in action

I hope you will all take the time to read this story — it is long. It happened about a half hour ago.

When I work at Banana Republic on weekends, I typically park on Capitol Hill (as close as I can get to downtown) and then walk about 20 blocks. I can’t stand trying to find parking downtown, or worse, paying for it. So today, around 1pm, I parked my beat up 1989 Jeep Cherokee at 14th and Madison (right near Piecora’s Pizza).

After getting done with work around 10:30, I walked to Subway, where I had a sandwich and read the Stranger. (they still have not run a correction for an error they wrote in a story about Initiative 912 last month despite my repeated requests for one) Then I proceeded to walk the remaining seven or so blocks to my car.

As I walked around the corner right by Piecora’s, I noticed two thirty-something white males…

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Irrelevant? I think not.

posted by on August 26 at 1:25 PM

You may claim this news item is both late, and rather obsessive, but you must not say it is irrelevant. The Bodo’s bagel shop [click on that link, people: it includes a haiku and a limerick and an invocation to the glory of the Bodo’s bagel—our country’s small alt weekly journalists hard at work] on the Corner (Charlottesville, Virginia’s yuppity version of the Ave) has finally opened! This minor institution took its lovely Southern time opening its third location (10 years, to be exact), and now that it’s open, it’s time for entrepreneur Brian Fox to open a goddamn franchise in Seattle. I need some everything bagels with salt! I need some lightning speed assembly-line service! I need some olive cream cheese! Ex-Charlottesvillians, are you with me? Hey, Dave Matthews, can you pull some strings? Bodo would kick Noah’s ass.

You know that feeling of stage fright you get before a firing squad?

posted by on August 26 at 1:11 PM

There’s a fairly puffy interview in today’s P-I with MacKenzie Bezos, whom I really have nothing against, in spite of my column this week. (I just had one question and no one at would answer it!) When the P-I’s John Marshall questions her about her friends in high places (Jeff Bezos, Toni Morrison, Amanda Urban), Bezos says, amazingly, “Oh gosh, I don’t know what to say. Nobody has asked me that.”

posted by on August 26 at 1:08 PM

The question is this: Who on the small island of Aruba has not been arrested for the disappearance of the all-American teen Natalee Holloway? Mark my words, the bottom of this case will never be reached.

Speaking of pizza…

posted by on August 26 at 1:03 PM

Tom Monaghan, the man who founded the Domino’s Pizza chain, is building an entire town for orthodox Catholics in Florida to go with his Catholic university, Ave Maria.

What will this utopia be like? According to the Boston Phoenix at the first annual Boston Catholic Men’s Conference Monaghan told the crowd: “We’re going to control all the commercial real estate, so there’s not going to be any pornography sold in this town. We’re controlling the cable system. The pharmacies are not going to be able to sell condoms or dispense contraceptives.”


African Roots of Pizza

posted by on August 26 at 12:50 PM

Every black man knows that the Italians stole the pizza idea from Africa, the motherland and fatherland of everything. The Buntus of Malawi were the first race on earth to make a pizza, which is why the tribe near Lake Victoria (the Bandas) has a valid case against Pizza Hut, if it ever gets to court. Brothers and sisters, know your story not HIStory.

A statement from Charles Mudede…

posted by on August 26 at 12:46 PM

Black men eat pizza!

Gregoire: A Failure to Communicate, Continued

posted by on August 26 at 12:01 PM

My e-mail exchange w/ Gregoire’s office continues:

“Coughlin, Kerry”
To: “‘’”


The Governor is not indecisive and is not sending mixed messages. She has consistently been opposed to the initiative to repeal the gas tax passed by the Legislature in 2005 to fund transportation projects vital to Washington state.

Kerry Coughlin
Communications Director to Governor Christine Gregoire

To: “Coughlin, Kerry”
From: josh

Thanks for responding. Last week you told me that Gregoire “has not been specifically campaigning against I-912.” So, I’m confused about her “consistent opposition.” In what specific ways has she been consistently opposed to I-912? More important, what will she be doing in the future to specifically oppose I-912? Meanwhile, will she say she’s against 912, instead of you saying she says she’s against 912?

Is it just me?

posted by on August 26 at 11:39 AM

Or does the office suddenly smell like bacon? Not that I’m complaining. I just find that odd.

Meeting w/ Nickels Pt. 2

posted by on August 26 at 11:24 AM

Oh, and the fun part of yesterday’s meeting with the Mayor was our surprise guest. Typically, we have all the candidates in any given race come in and meet with our editorial board all at the same time. It’s a lively format for endorsement interviews because it gives the candidates the opportunity to call bullshit on one another. However, this year’s crop of offbeat Nickels challengers seemed like a distraction. So, rather than having Richard Lee et al come in, we invited the person the Nickels opposition wishes was in the race: Nickels’s real nemesis, low-income housing advocate John Fox. Nickels’s campaign manager was pissed about the arrangement (I guess we should have told him about it in advance), and he huffed out after the meeting calling me a “jackass.” Nickels, however, took it in stride and fielded Fox’s questions. Fox, for example, wanted to know just how the mayor planned to fund the $500 million backlog in neighborhood transportation projects while he’s so busy funding South Lake Union projects. Fox also wanted to know if the mayor would commitas Vancouver doesto 1 to 1 replacement of low-income housing lost to yuppie redevelopment. You’ll have to read our endorsement issue to find out the answers to these and other pressing questions, like: What’s the mayor’s beef with strip clubs?; how does his Center City plan make room for middle-income families?; is he planning to pitch another $200 million tax subsidy for the Sonics (since his first gambit flopped)?; and what happens if he can’t get the money for his $4 billion waterfront tunnel dream?

Luv You Live.

Terrorist Whales

posted by on August 26 at 11:00 AM

Our Rummy has often called Aljazeera a media network for Alqaeda. Whatever. The truth is Aljazeera.Net has great stories like this, which concerns how “killer whales” have “become the third known animal species to possess cultural learning, a skill which is transmitted to other members of their group.” Whales are in the house of being, yo.

Mapping Sacrifice

posted by on August 26 at 10:26 AM

Daily Kos has two amazing maps up today. The first map shows US fatalities in Iraq, by hometown of the soldier killed:


The next map is the familiar county-by-county results from the 2004 presidential election:


Now, tell me again, which is the party of wimps who know nothing about making sacrifices for this country?

Mayor Still Doesn’t Get It on South Lake Union

posted by on August 26 at 10:25 AM

For the past few weeks, the Stranger Election Control Board has been meeting with this year’s crew of municipal candidates. We’ve been meeting a lot of the candidates at local bars, including one get-together on the top floor of the Columbia Tower’s private club (The Stratus Lounge) to drink with Jan Drago, Casey Corr, Ángel Bolaños, and the Socialist candidate. We also did shots with a few candidates over at Cowgirls Inc.

Yesterday, however, we met with Mayor Nickels at the College Inn Pub on the Ave. We met with him for about an hour while he sipped some merlot, and we ate nachos, drank vodkas, and asked questions. I dig Mayor Nickels, but it’s clear he still doesn’t “get it” on South Lake Union.

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Blogging on blogging

posted by on August 26 at 9:29 AM

From another guy named Josh, over at Metroblogging Seattle:

Does anyone want to take bets on how long it will take for some news outlet to pick up on Josh Feit’s “Monorail Meshugaas” story without getting the point that it’s meant to be (and actually is) funny? I guess it would be more understandable than the Beijing Evening News reporting on the Onion’s story about the U.S. Congress threatening to abandon Washington, D.C. unless it got a new, modern Capitol building, complete with retractable roof.

Bonus points if it’s picked up domestically or if the secondary reportage fails to recognize that the anti-Semitism in the article is in reference to Cindi Laws who reportedly made anti-Semitic comments at a candidate forum and implied that there was a Jewish plot to kill the monorail.

Party for the Endless Summer

posted by on August 26 at 8:07 AM

Some people need an end of the summer blowout. I guess I’m one of those people, as every time the I Sunk Your Battleship booze cruise does its annual pilgrimage out on Elliott Bay, I climb aboard. This year the talent is top notch (as, well, its been every year), featuring one my favorite local bands, the Saturday Knights (party hiphop for all occasions, super fun stuff), Stabmasterarson, and DJs FITS and Curtis—the latter of whom had them dancing on the tables at the Viceroy Tues night. The Argosy ship sets sail this Saturday, Aug 27 from Pier 55 at 10pm sharp (boat loads at 9pm). There may still be tickets still but I’d grab them quick, as this little love boat sells out every year.

There Are Worse Things Than Fucking A Horse

posted by on August 26 at 8:04 AM

For proof, check out this KING 5 story about the creep in Lacey, WA accused of chaining his Labrador to the back of his all-terrain vehicle and dragging it down a Thurston County road. (The dog survived, despite having its paws scraped to the bone.)

According to KING 5, the alleged dragging didn’t stop until a neighbor woman flagged the man down, after which the man allegedly threatened to shoot the woman for interfering.

In other news, there’s been a major pot bust in Chelan and Yakima counties. Smoke it while you got it (unless you want to save some for the forthcoming drought…)

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Re: All You Protest Kids

posted by on August 25 at 12:08 PM

The Beatles???? They’re really good, but they’re nothing more than an outstanding ’60s rock act. Enough pseudo intellectual drivel about it already!

Josh, I agree with your assessment of that NYT editorial (surprised not to see Jann Wenner’s byline there), but I think you’re underestimating the Beatles’ importance. It’s pretty much boilerplate by now that the Beatles were largely responsible for unlocking American youths’ libidos, which paved the way for the free-love mindset that later permeated the ’60s. Sure, the Beatles’ music was/is fun, but it and the band were also revolutionary. The Beatles later became a substantial sociopolitical force and consequently the FBI kept voluminous files on the actions of John Lennon. All of this is ripe for “pseudo-intellectual drivel”and serious cultural inquiry.

The Wit and Wisdom of Juan Maclean

posted by on August 25 at 11:45 AM

Most interviews produce a surplus of material, and, unfortunately, sometimes some funny, interesting responses don’t make it into the actual feature. The Juan Maclean offered a treasure trove of such insights. Here are a few interchanges that littered the cutting-room floor from our recent interview.

Continue reading "The Wit and Wisdom of Juan Maclean" »

Chicago Sun-Times Columnist on Pat Robertson

posted by on August 25 at 11:43 AM

I’ll never forgive the Chicago Sun-Times for selling their iconic building on the Chicago River to Donald Trump (who is now building another one of his tacky towers on the site*), but they have some great columnists at that paper - and they wisely let them have fun and have opinions at the same time. This is from Zay N. Smith’s column today (courtesy of my brother Bill):

•Televangelist Pat Robertson regarding National Gay Pride Month:

“A condition like this will bring about the destruction of your nation. It’ll bring about terrorist bombs… .”

•Pat Robertson regarding a book critical of the State Department:

“When you get through, you say, ‘If I could just get a nuclear device inside Foggy Bottom, I think that’s the answer.’ I mean, you get through this, and you say, ‘We’ve got to blow that thing up.’ “

•Pat Robertson regarding Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez:

“If he thinks we’re trying to assassinate him, I think that we really ought to go ahead and do it. … We have the ability to take him out, and I think the time has come that we exercise the ability.”

We may want to freeze the assets of the Christian Broadcast Network pending Robertson’s transport to Guantanamo.

Just for a few years.

Until we get the terrorist pronouncements sorted out.

*I like big buildings, and Seattle needs more of them. But Trump builds lousy big buildings.

Re: “Nike Grind”

posted by on August 25 at 11:32 AM

That same sort of plastic grass has neighbors up in Ballard furiousthey want real grass in their parks, and they’ve launched a campaign to thwart the city’s attempt to install artificial FieldTurf at the Loyal Heights playfield. So far, their crusade is being brushed aside by the Parks Department.

Check out the group’s (admittedly histrionic, and slightly bizarre) website, Neighbors for Natural Spaces in Ballard.

All You Protest Kids

posted by on August 25 at 11:32 AM

I don’t usually weigh in on the arts stuff, but since Frizzelle has given us a post about President Bush, I’m gonna cross genres here. Did anyone read the op/ed piece in yesterday’s NYT about…the Beatles???
How embarrassing. The guy’s point was basically that the ’60s were a really cool time thanks to the emergence of socially conscious teens. The Beatles, he tells us, mirrored, and to some extent, helped spark that groovy long lost era. Umm. Thanks, guy. This articlebasically cloying ’60s nostalgia meets trite 10th-grade-boy pseudo history lecture (complete with the standard Altamont and Manson Family references)had no business being published. Keep that shit for bar room chatter. What a joke. And the Baby Boomers wonder why they inspire such ridicule. The Beatles???? They’re really good, but they’re nothing more than an outstanding ’60s rock act. Enough pseudo intellectual drivel about it already!

“Nike Grind”

posted by on August 25 at 10:42 AM

You know that shockingly green grass-like material slowly taking over the playfield at Cal Anderson Park? (Office dwellers, look out your windows.)

Well, it turns out it’s a Nike product.

If we have to have a whole field of artificial turf, I guess it’s nice that we’re getting a hot name brand.

Calling all “night clubby” men

posted by on August 25 at 10:10 AM

My friends at Three Dollar Bill Cinema need people to perform in the 2005 Lesbian & Gay Film Festival movie trailer. The casting call is tonight; there’s no pay, only fame. If you can help them out, especially if you’re an athletic woman with strong shoulders or a “night clubby” man, keep reading.

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I took the day off yesterday, and among other things, I read the Belltown Messenger

posted by on August 25 at 10:04 AM

It’s a really good neighborhood paper thanks to Grant Cogswell’s loud column and the even keeled news coverage.

Things that are un-essential

posted by on August 25 at 9:42 AM

This just in from Caroline, upstairs in the Lovelab/Lustlab HQ:

I love how the FDA won’t grant approval of necessary things like safe, over-the-counter contraception, things that we NEED, but will grant approval for things that are un-essential and in fact detrimental to women’s health.

She’s talking about the FDA’s move to approve sketchy silicone breast implants. Carolineand Iare pissed that the Bush appointees at the FDA love objecting to contraception, but they’re falling all over themselves to greenlight potentially dangerous implants. (But you can do something about it, via the link above.)

Seattle Magazine vs….Seattle Monthly

posted by on August 25 at 8:05 AM

More on Seattle Magazine’s competition, debuting this spring. It’s expected that readers will be thrown into a tizzy with so many “best of” lists to choose from.

The Scoutocaust: This is Getting Ridiculous

posted by on August 25 at 8:05 AM

From the Associated Press:

An 8-year-old girl died and at least three other children were injured Wednesday when a tree fell on them at a Boy Scout camp, authorities say.

For the record, this brings the summer’s scout-related deaths to ten.
Full story on yesterday’s deadly tree accident here.

Our morbid president

posted by on August 25 at 8:00 AM

This is so evil. Bush gives a shout-out to an Idaho mother named Tammy Pruett whose husband and five children are doing the Iraq tour and, uh, well, none of them have died, but if any of them DID, well, that would be OK with Tammy, because, as virtuous Tammy puts it: “I know that if something happens to one of the boys, they would leave this world doing what they believe.”

Then Bush, being thoughtful: “And I guess you couldn’t ask for a better way of life than giving it for something that you believe in.” Haha, that’s awesome — literally, a great way to live your life is to die.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Update on Seth Edward’s Memorial

posted by on August 24 at 5:45 PM

From Zach Brown:

Seth’s father has confirmed that there will be a memorial service for Seth at Blanchett High School’s Chapel at 3pm this Sunday. I have attached a picture of Seth from the last session that I was fortunate enough to work with him on. Taken last fall. Thank you for
your support during the loss of a good friend.


(Photo by Erin Graham)

Take Him Out

posted by on August 24 at 5:37 PM

Pat “Thou Shalt Kill” Robertson is right: “take him out” could mean any number of things. It could mean kidnapping Chaves. Or it could mean “take him out to a ballgame,” or “take him out to a Broadway show,” or “take him out on a date.” Only God knows what was in Pat “False Witness” Robertson meant by “take him out,” but God didn’t respond to our repeated requests for comment. He’s just too mortified to come to the phone.

Sad News for the Seattle Music Scene

posted by on August 24 at 5:36 PM

I just got off the phone with local audio engineer/producer Zach Brown, who shared the news that Seth Edwards, formerly of the band Courtney Killed Kurt, was in a fatal car accident last night. Apparently Seth was driving and had stopped at a streetlight when his car was rear-ended, shoved into traffic, and hit by an oncoming car.

Zach (who executive produced Courtney Killed Kurt’s e.p.) says there will be a memorial this Sunday at 3pm, with location details forthcoming…I’ll post the info here when I get it.

The Cindi Laws Saga Makes “I Anonymous”

posted by on August 24 at 4:52 PM

See the creepy pro-Cindi/anti-Jew rant here.

Pat Robertson: The Backpedal Begins

posted by on August 24 at 4:33 PM

Just as he did after blaming 9/11 on feminists and gays, Pat Robertson is now trying to pretend he didn’t call for the assassination of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

What Robertson’s said today on The 700 Club (courtesy of the Associated Press):

“I didn’t say ‘assassination,’ I said our special forces should ‘take him out.’ ‘Take him out’ could be a number of things including kidnapping. There are a number of ways of taking out a dictator from power besides killing him. I was misinterpreted by the AP, but that happens all the time.”

What Robertson said on Monday:

“You know, I don’t know about this doctrine of assassination, but if he thinks we’re trying to assassinate him, I think that we really ought to go ahead and do it. It’s a whole lot cheaper than starting a war, and I don’t think any oil shipments will stop.”

What a fucking asshole. Someone should just take him out.

Re: News on Mia Zapata’s Killer

posted by on August 24 at 3:59 PM

Just to clarify, Jesus Mezquiathe guy convicted of beating, raping and killing Mia Zapatais not getting out of prison. His 36-year sentence was overturned on a technicality and will be redetermined, because the state appeals court found that the judge erroneously tacked on an extra 10 years (a decision that I recall was met with whoops of joy, and tears of relief in the courtroom that day). The exceptional circumstances that led to the hefty sentence weren’t proven to the jury or admitted by Mezquia, the appeals court said. His conviction, however, was unanimously upheld by the higher court.

And never fearthe team that won Mezquia’s conviction in the first place has a very special place in their collective heart for Mia, and they’ll fight to the end to make sure this creepy guy spends many, many years in prison.

Our very own Chernobyl?

posted by on August 24 at 3:49 PM

Not quite. Just a leaking brown absorbent material. But the headline of this AP story got me excited for a second.

The Spa Beat

posted by on August 24 at 3:46 PM

Seattle Magazine is going to have some competition - the spa beat in this town is going to be COVERED!


Puget Sound Business Journal (Seattle) - 3:25 PM PDT Tuesday
Portland Monthly plans Seattle launch
Portland Monthly said Tuesday it plans to expand its reach with a new Seattle city magazine.

Seattle Monthly will be modeled after its Portland parent, said Publisher Nicole Vogel. The move marks the company’s first foray into a new area.

Vogel said Seattle community leaders had lobbied for a new city magazine before Portland Monthly began publishing.

“We believe Seattle deserves a publication that embodies the spirit of this great city and is dedicated to the highest-quality design and journalism available,” she said.

The Seattle publication will be published 12 months every year beginning in March 2006. It will employ at least two dozen staffers.

Seattle Monthly will compete with Seattle Magazine, which is very similar to Portland Monthly.

A Seattle publication dedicated to the highest-quality design and journalism available - that’s an interesting way of putting it, isn’t it? The highest quality journalism available… it kind of makes journalism sound like some sort of off-the-shelf consumer item, like pantyhose. “Those are nice, but I’d like to see something of a slightly higher quality.” “But madam, these are the highest quality pantyhose available…”

We can’t hold one stupid sentence in their press release against them, though. Lord knows there are three or four dozen stupid sentences in The Stranger every weekand I’m usually the author of them. (For the record let me say that they are the highest quality stupid sentences available, though.) The Stranger extends an official welcome to the Seattle Monthly, and we look forward to seeing if their lists of 100 Best Lawyers, Doctors, Interior Designers, etc., differ from Seattle Magazine’s lists of the same.

The Blackest Brother In Hollywood Is Dead

posted by on August 24 at 3:35 PM

In honor of the great actor Brock Peters, who died today, I will watch The Pawnbroker tonight. Josh, are you with me?

News on Mia Zapata’s Killer

posted by on August 24 at 3:09 PM

His sentence was overturned.

Extremist Cleric Watch IV

posted by on August 24 at 2:30 PM

Two commandments down and eight to go: Pat “Thou Shalt Kill” Robertson is insisting that he never said that the US should assassinate Hugo Chaves. From the AP:

“I didn’t say ‘assassination,’” Robertson said Wednesday on his Christian Broadcast Network show “The 700 Club” about remarks reported by The Associated Press and other media outlets.

“I said our special forces should ‘take him out. `Take him out’ could be a number of things including kidnapping. There are a number of ways of taking out a dictator from power besides killing him. I was misinterpreted…”

Okay, we’ll ignore the fact that Chaves, whatever you think of his policies or his friendship with Fidel, was elected (and enjoys a higher favorability rating than the elected president of a large nation due north of Venezuela). He’s a lefty and a populist and a bit of buffoon, but he’s not a dictator. The fact is, Pat “False Witness” Robertson did call for the assassination of Hugo Chavez, and he did say “assassination.” More from the AP:

But a video of Monday’s telecast shows that Robertson’s exact words were: “You know, I don’t know about this doctrine of assassination, but if he thinks we’re trying to assassinate him, I think that we really ought to go ahead and do it. It’s a whole lot cheaper than starting a war, and I don’t think any oil shipments will stop.”

So America’s favorite extremist Christian cleric is a violent thug AND a liar. For Christ’s sake, the MSM should SAY SO. Pat Robertson is a liar and a thug and a bully and he should be drummed out of public life. Period.

And, I’m sorry, is it somehow kosher to run around the world kidnapping the democratically elected leaders of other nations?


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Please, who ever you are, I will never buy a replica of a Rolex (online or in a real store). I don’t wear watches, so stop emailing me your offers. Stop! You are, however, welcome to offer me something else, like equipment to konk my hair. I’ve been thinking about getting a do like James Brown—long, slick, and wavy—so send me offers for konking. There you have it: no to watches; yes to hair products.

The War at Home

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Atrios (required daily reading) links to a story from Editor & Publisher about the recent national convention of the American Legion (close to three million members), during which the group vowed to basically declare war (as in, “by any means necesssary”) against anyone against the War in Iraq.

The full creepy story is here.

Sheehan Returns

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The mom who ruined Bush’s five-week vacation is now returning to Crawford, with more of her hard-to-argue-with talking points:

I’m coming back to Crawford for my son. As long as the president, who sent him to die in a senseless war, is in Crawford, that is where I belong. I came here two and a half weeks ago for one reason, to try and see the president and get an answer to a very simple question: What is the noble cause that he says my son died for? …. This isn’t about politics. It’s about what is good for America and what’s best for our security and how far this president has taken us away from both.

Too weird to pass up…

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Care of the Cinetrix: a series of postcards found in Tehran, featuring Western movie starlets (including Kate Winslet and the budding Scientologist Katie Holmes) wearing hijab.

The Pig Farm

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Canadian justice is slow. Serial Killer Robert Pickton was arrested nearly two years ago, and the officials have dug up tons of evidence from his pig farm. Everyone knows he (allegedly) murdered many of the prostitutes and drug addicts who went missing during the late 90s; everyone knows he (allegedly) feed their remains to his pigs, and (allegedly) sold these pigs to friends or (allegedly) had them processed at a rendering plant in Vancouver. Everyone knows what’s (allegedly) up and yet the justice system is still at the pre-trial stage. Come on Canada, let’s get this unpleasant business over and done with.

Re: Turkmenistan’s Lipsynch Ban

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This means, of course, that Ashlee Simpson’s world tour won’t be stopping in Turkmenistan.

The Anti-War Movement

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It’s no longer “the growing anti-war movement” or “the nascent anti-war movement” or “the small anti-war movement.”

Now, according to the Associated Press, it’s a phenomenon that needs no diminutive modifier. It’s just “the anti-war movement.”

That this movement is becoming so big it requires no cautious adjectives is yet another bad sign for Bush.

Most Upsetting News Story of the Year

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You may find this news hard to swallow.

Fat, Ugly and Leftist

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I had to share this poster, found on every pole and wall I passed on the way to work this morning.


Extremist Cleric Watch III

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To be fair, some fundmentalist Christians are spanking Robertson.

Albert Mohler, President of the Baptist Theological Seminary, calls on Robertson to “retract, rethink, repent.” (Saw it first on It’s too bad Mohler didn’t stop there. Unfortunately he then calls on Robertson to “restate his position on the issue.”


Is there a more nuanced position, vis-à-vis the illegal assassination of another nation’s elected president, that Robertson could have taken? One that passes theological smell test?

Bad News For Turkmenistan’s Drag Queens

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After banning opera and ballet for “not corresponding with the national mentality,” the president of Turkmenistan has officially forbid another questionable art form, ordering a nationwide ban on lip-synching.

Details come from the Associated Press, which reports the office of President Saparmurat Niyazov credited the ban to lip synching’s “negative effect on the development of singing and musical art.” Under the new ruling, lip synching is outlawed everywhere in the country, from public cultural events to private gatherings.

“Don’t kill talents by using lip synching,” Niyazov told a Cabinet meeting on Tuesday. “Create our new culture.”

Here’s hoping Turkmenistan’s drag queens can survive the new regime…

Extremist Cleric Watch II - Correcting the Record

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So I muffed up that NBC quote yesterday. Atrios has the actual transcript:

NBC started their Robertson piece with “This was no extremist cleric issuing a death threat. This was Christian Minister Pat Robertson…”

So, it’s a non-extremist cleric issuing a death threat. What do the extremist Christian clerics do?

Extremist Cleric Watch

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So Pat Robertson, Christian Broadcaster, calls for the assassination of the democratically elected president of Venezuela, Hugo Chaves. The White House distances itself from Robertson kinda, sorta and Republican Senators distance themselves from Robertson. Hell, even some individual Christian conservatives distanced themselves from Pat “Licensed to Kill” Robertson, founder of the Christian Coalition.

But what do the big Christian organizations have to say? Not much, according to the New York Times :

…Christian organizations remained silent, with leaders at the Traditional Values Coalition, the Family Research Council and the Christian Coalition saying they were too busy to comment.

Too busy to comment?


Two gay men can’t even think about whipping up a little santorum in the privacy of their own homes (and colons) without the extremist clerics at the Traditional Values Coalition, the Family Research Council, and the Christian Coalition spitting out a dozen press releases. But they’re “too busy” to issue a comment when an extremist cleric call for the assassination, a violation of international law and God’s law ?

Grizzly in the Air

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Thanks to everyone who came out for the Grizzly Bear laser light show last night. I have to say, both the band and the laser people helped make it a pretty memorable night. GB played for about 45 minutes, and their blossoming harmonies really worked well with rainbow-colored laser squiggles unfolding on each other. The new GB stuff got slightly heavier than their hushed CD, hitting Spacemen 3 tones at times…and overall I think they were a great band for that space. If you were at the show, we’d love feedback, both positive and negative, to keep in mind when we do the next laser event (our goal is to do about one a quarter, working with different psychedelically-minded acts).

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


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The NBC Nightly News opened with the Pat Robertson story. The anchor said…

“This is no extremist clericthis is a Christian broadcaster.”

Excuse me, NBC, but what the fuck? “Extremist cleric” and “Christian broadcaster” are not mutually exclusive categories. We have extremist clerics in the United States and they are, almost to a man, Christian broadcasters. They are also a threat to American democracy. Read this LA Times piece and then read Kos on it.

Hell, the theocrats at home may pose a greater threat to our constitution, our freedoms, and our way of life than any foreign “extremist cleric.” We don’t defer to the delicate sensibilities of extremist clerics in, say, Saudi Arabia or Pakistan. But here at home our extremist clerics have their expansive asscracks licked clean for them by our supposedly liberal media on a daily basis.

The American media needs to stop giving evil, bigoted, murderous, POWERFUL shits like Pat Robertson the benefit of the doubt. So he claims he’s a man of Godso fucking what? Claiming to be a man of God shouldn’t earn Robertson a free pass. It certainly shouldn’t prevent the media from labeling him an “extremist cleric.” That’s exactly what he is, you dumbfucks.

The American Talibanthey’re extremists. They hate our freedoms. And they’re infiltrating our government and cowing our media. Be afraid.

The 007 Club

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Pat Robertson’s rambling suggestion that it might be, like, you know, way more cost effective for the United State to assassinate the democratically elected president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, than it would be to invade Venezuela and depose him, is the story of the freaking day. It’s all over the web and the mainstream media. Some good stuff here, here, and here.

Robertson, if you’re just tuning in, is the founder of the Christian Coalition. He is, naturally, all for posting the Ten Commandments in public buildings. Maybe we should post them in his studio. (“Thou shalt not kill” and like that.)

While it’s fun watching the White House distance itself from Robertsonjust a few months back Bush sought Robertson’s blessing on John Roberts, his nominee to the Supreme Courtthe knowledge that this isn’t going to hurt Robertson ruins my buzz. This is not the first time Robertson has said something that should drive him from public life. Robertson blamed the 9/11 attacks on homosexuals and feminists. He recently blamed abortion and no-fault divorce on gays and lesbians ( pointed out that it was that ol’ cocksucker Ronald Reagan who signed the first no-fault divorce law in the country); he believes feminism is witchcraft; and Robertson recently said that liberal judges are a bigger threat to the United States than Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda. Oh, and gay pride parades cause hurricanes and earthquakes.

Robertson will not be drummed out of the pantheon of respectable American preachers, pundits, or political kingmakers for this. This scandal, like all the others, will pass. Then his hateful ass will be back on Nightline and Larry King and Fox News.

Oh, one more bit of fuckedupedness: Can you guess which cable network carries the 700 Club? ABC Family.

The American Taliban

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Atrios on Robertson:

The amazing thing about what Robertson said isn’t that he suggested assassinating a head of state would be a good idea. It’s what the alleged infraction by this head of state which makes him deserving of execution is. Robertson isn’t accusing him of being a tyrant, or of killing his own people, or of violations of human rights (the rights of Christian people in Pat’s world), or genocide, or anything else which might normally inspire people to condemn a foreign leader to death. Nope, here is, to Pat Robertson, the capital crime of Hugo Chavez:

“You know, I don’t know about this doctrine of assassination, but if he thinks we’re trying to assassinate him, I think that we really ought to go ahead and do it. It’s a whole lot cheaper than starting a war. And I don’t think any oil shipments will stop…. This is a dangerous enemy to our south, controlling a huge pool of oil, that could hurt us very badly. We have the ability to take him out, and I think the time has come that we exercise that ability.”

He’s got oil, and if he won’t give it to us we’ll just have to kill him.

classic material.

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Time coverboy Kanye West’s Late Registration is a classic. Since hiphop has somehow found its way all the way back to the jiggified, Swizz Beatz bullshit of ‘98, this is the Aquemini we needed so badly. Expect the man to get condemned for his overdue comments damning hip-hop’s ingrained homophobia, and expect to hear this album cranking out your radio for quite some time.

How They Rave in Utah

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We didn’t roll like this back in my raving days. Sigh.

From National Drug Intelligence Center Utah Drug Threat Assessment March 2003 Throughout the 1990s high energy, all-night dances known as raves, which feature techno-music and flashing laser lights, increased in popularity among teens and young adults. Raves occur in either permanent dance clubs or temporary “weekend event” sites set up in abandoned warehouses, open fields, empty buildings, or civic centers.

Utah has a unique rave culture with anomalies that are specific to the state. Utah law enforcement intelligence indicates that individuals are using limousines or other rental vehicles to travel to raves because of increased vehicle traffic and overcrowded parking. Another emerging trend in Utah is the use of club drugs—synthetic drugs such as MDMA, LSD, and GHB—at adult, rave-like events called trancemission parties. These parties are held in private residences, and cover charges, which include the first MDMA tablet, can exceed $200 per attendee. The parties are theme-oriented and normally involve sexual activity. Hosts recruit teenage girls and young adults from dance clubs and other social gatherings. Trancemission parties often feature “sex rooms” equipped with video cameras to record the sexual exploits of the hosts and partygoers.

Source: Utah Substance Abuse and Anti-Violence Coordinating Council; Utah Club Drug Summit; Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office.

The problem with terror alerts

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The dailies today reported that in the wake of the London bombings, the U.S. government is warning that terrorists may be posing as vagrants to better survey their targets. To this end, federal employees were issued a letter to “be aware of ‘vagrants’ who seem out of place or unfamiliar.” Seeing as how the word “vagrant” means “a wanderer; a rover,” or “one who wanders from place to place,” how is a vagrant ever anything more than out of place or unfamiliar?

Tonight at the Bus Stop

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As promised, tonight at the Bus Stop some Stranger stars are reading from the weird, weird ouvre of Charles Mudede. I will be reading from a horror flick screenplay about a truck in Eastern Washington that kills teenagers, Josh Feit will be reading select installments of Police Beat, Bethany Clement will be reading some of Mudede’s long-lost fiction, and Corianton Hale will be reading some hilarious crap about Heidegger and hiphop. Plus, surprise guests, including the mirthful Marxist himself.

Again, it happens at Bus Stop — 508 E Pine St, next door to Bimbo’s Bitchin Burrito Kitchen — at 8 pm, and it won’t last long, because long readings suck.

It’s free. And there is a full bar.

Batty Bats

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The Bats of Belfry, who play the War Room on Thursday, are billed everywhere online as Batts of Bellfry. So that’s how we treated their name in the music section that went to press last night. On my way to work today I came across a poster for “The Bats of Belfry” and hoped the poster-maker got it wrong. Then our intrepid copyeditor discovered that our HR manager’s boyfriend is in the band, and he confirms that there’re no double consonants in the name, and furthermore, there is a “the” before it. So, we’ve got it right in Stranger Suggests, which hasn’t gone to press yet, but wrong everywhere else. This is enough to ruin my day.
BANDS: Put up a simple m.f. website before you book your first show. And spell/style your name consistently therein so we know how to spell it.
EVERYONE ELSE: Breathe and breath are not spelled the same. Compliment and complement have two different meanings—please familiarize yourself with them.

Roll with the Grizzly Tonight!

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Tonight’s the night for our Grizzly Bear laser light show. That’s the live Grizzly Bear show under the soft glow of a live laser show. It all goes down at the Seattle Laser Theater at the Pacific Science Center…doors at 8pm, show at 9pm, beer garden…all for only $8.

Render To Caesar

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If the terrorist now dominates the image of Islam, freaks like Robertson dominate the image of Christianity. As there is nothing Islamic about suicide bombings, there is nothing Christian about calling for the assassination of a legitimate president, President Hugo Chavez. As the Bible says: “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s.”

Real Gas Crisis

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While we bitch and moan about climbing petrol prices in the US, the severe fuel shortage in Zimbabwe, which can be blamed on the president of that country, has not only brought that part of the world to a standstill but is responsible for terrible incidents like this:

AN Epworth woman and her five-year-old child were burnt beyond recognition after cans of petrol they kept indoors for resale exploded at the weekend. Harare police spokesman Inspector Loveless Rupere yesterday confirmed the incident saying there were indications that petrol was being kept inside the house in the Makomo area of Epworth. “The two died in a huge blaze which was caused by the fuel which was kept inside their house. Fuel is dangerous and must not be kept inside homes,” he said. Names of the deceased have not been disclosed as their next of kin are still to be informed.

Re: Ron Jeremy

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PETA’s new ad campaign is gross. But the sight of Ron Jeremy sure makes me want to get spayed. Ugh.

Once Again: It’s the Economy, Stupid.

posted by on August 23 at 8:58 AM

Hopefully, these bad numbers will play out for the Democrats in the 2006 elections. Highlights: 58% of Americans disapprove of the way Bush is handling his job as president, while 36% approve. 62% disapprove of the way he’s handling the economy while 33% approve. And what’s more: 74% of independent voters disapprove of the way Bush is handling the economy. And while the data shows that people feel better about their own financial situations than they did last monththe jump comes disproportionately from within the smaller pool of people who approve of the way Bush is doing his job.

PETA Gets Porny

posted by on August 23 at 8:45 AM

What is it with lefty organizations and baffling marketing campaigns?

Hot on the heels of Washington NARAL’s “Screw Abstinence!” pro-choice fundraiser comes a mind-bending new ad for PETA, featuring legendary porn hedgehog Ron Jeremy, ostensibly promoting the spaying and neutering of pets.

But check out the ad, which seems to have nothing to do with controlling the pet population and everything to do with deglamourizing bestiality (and, perhaps, promoting suicide…)

God’s Greatest Hits

posted by on August 23 at 8:41 AM

In other news about whacky religious extremists, Pat Robertson called for the assassination of the democratically elected president of Venezuela. From

You know, I don’t know about this doctrine of assassination, but if he thinks we’re trying to assassinate him, I think that we really ought to go ahead and do it. It’s a whole lot cheaper than starting a war. And I don’t think any oil shipments will stop. But this man is a terrific danger and the United … This is in our sphere of influence, so we can’t let this happen. We have the Monroe Doctrine, we have other doctrines that we have announced. And without question, this is a dangerous enemy to our south, controlling a huge pool of oil, that could hurt us very badly. We have the ability to take him out, and I think the time has come that we exercise that ability. We don’t need another $200 billion war to get rid of one, you know, strong-arm dictator. It’s a whole lot easier to have some of the covert operatives do the job and then get it over with.

Holy crap.

Your Tax Dollars at Work

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An abstinence education group has been using federal dollars tobet you can’t guesspromote religion. It’s some outfit called “The Silver Ring Thing.” Their events are held in churches, their brochures and website are “permeated with religion,” says the ACLU, and their graduates sign a covenant “before God almighty.” Hm. Sounds kind of like they proselytize, huh?

The abuse was so flagrant that even the Bush administration couldn’t justify itthe groups federal funds have been “suspended.” Read all about it at The Washington Post .

Monday, August 22, 2005

Ravers Treated Like Terrorists

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The ‘Net’s abuzz about this tragic travesty that happened at a Utah drum & bass rave. Here’s a Forum thread that has links to first-hand accounts of what looks like yet another display of ridiculously excessive police force that wreaks more gratuitous damage than the most heinous gang of hoods could manage.

Re: True Colors?

posted by on August 22 at 3:49 PM

Yes. Although I would point out that our SLOG green is appropriately closer to bile than fungus.

Re: True Colors?

posted by on August 22 at 3:41 PM

Ahem. Eli have you noticed the color scheme on our SLOG?

True Colors?

posted by on August 22 at 3:40 PM

I am a big fan of Equal Rights Washington, the statewide gay rights group that formed last year (at a time when I and others were calling for stronger gay rights leadership in this state).

But I am not a fan of their palette:


Fungus green is the color of equality?

Perhaps this green was deemed non-threatening, which seems to be the driving aesthetic for ERW’s web site. (The site is so non-threatening it looks like it belongs to the department of agriculture.) Now, I get the need to be non-threatening, and I’m not calling for a hot-pink logo here, but shouldn’t we gays look a little better while we fight for equal rights in this state?

re: Porn for the people

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Everybody’s talking to me about the porno extravaganza that was Hump! but no one’s posting about it. Maybe because that particular slice of the forums is fairly hidden? Jot your thoughts while I complain to the tech guys…

News Travels Fast

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On Friday, the P-I reported the story about monorail board member Cindi Laws’ anti-Semitic comments to the King County Labor Council. By Monday, the story had made it all the way around the world.

More Smidgen of Hope

posted by on August 22 at 1:15 PM

Peter Hurley, executive director of Transportation Choicesthe smart transit group that teamed up with Aaron Ostrom to off R-51 in 2002weighed in on I-912 too. Along with Ostrom, Hurley supports the gas tax this time. He told me that, in addition to Ostrom’s point about maintenance and safety vs. expanded car capacity, the new gas tax is smart about the few added capacity projects it does fund. For example, Hurley points out, there’s $1 Billion for 405 that’s targeted at HOV and HOT lanes. The HOT lanes would allow non-HOV traffic to use HOV lanes for a fee. However, if the additional traffic ended up slowing down the HOV lane, the toll would be upped. Meanwhile, the money from the HOT lanes is slated for public transit projects. Hurley agrees that I-912 could go down if liberal leaders would get organized and tap the grass roots base of folks like Transportation Choices. Anybody seen our Democratic Governor?


posted by on August 22 at 12:39 PM

Dr. Robert Moog, synthesizer pioneer, is dead.

Santorum vs. Savage

posted by on August 22 at 12:15 PM

Rick Santorum did a reading and Q&A at a bookstore in Pennsylvania recently. His people had some kids tossed out of the bookstore after one of the girls held up a copy of my book, “The Kid,” and said she might ask Santorum to sign it. This is from Matthew Rothschild’s story in The Progressive:

She held up a copy of a book by the gay writer Dan Savage called “The Kid,” which is about how he and his partner adopted a son. And Rocek said, “It would be funny if we got Santorum to sign this book.” (To discredit Santorum, Savage and his readers in 2003 came up with a nasty definition of “Santorum” that now often appears on Internet searches for Santorum’s name.)…

“A woman nearby snapped: `He’s only here to sign his own book. He won’t sign that,’ ” recalls Galperin.

Shaffer says the woman also added, “You’re shameful and disgusting.”

For a minute, the young women thought that would be the end of it.

But no such luck.

A state trooper in full uniform, including hat and gun, was in the store, and, according to Shaffer and Galperin, he met with the person who didn’t care for the Dan Savage joke, along with a few others, including members of the store and Santorum’s people.

Galperin says she heard the trooper ask, “Do you want me to get rid of them?”

And then the trooper, Delaware State Police Sgt. Mark DiJiacomo, who was on detail as a private security guard, came over to the group of women.

Here is the conversation, as Galperin remembers it: “You guys have to leave.”

The girl, Hannah Shaffer, ultimately got arrestedkinda, sorta. Now the ACLU is thinking about kinda, sorta suing.

I’m going on a book tour in September to promote my new book, The Commitment , which comes out September 22. For the record, I will happily sign copies of Rick Santorum’s book while I’m on my tour this fall.

Pubes - Current and Historic

posted by on August 22 at 11:45 AM

Matt Drudge is pumping a story today about a supposedly shocking Dolce & Gabbana ad campaign. They’ve got some male models, you see, wearing jeans that are slung so low that you can actually see… their pubes. Read all about it here..

I can’t see why this new ad campaign is so controversial. Five long years agoin August of 2000Vanity Fair splashed Heath Ledgers blond pubes all over their cover. Heath was wearing some low-rise jeans, and his pubes were clearly evident. To see the Heath cover, click here.

“Six Feet Under” Goes Under

posted by on August 22 at 11:38 AM

So HBO’s Six Feet Under, perhaps the smartest, artiest show about fucked-up white people who aren’t in the mafia in television history, ended its five-season run last night with a finale episode that was, uh, something.

No spoilers here, but if anyone is interested in hashing through exactly what creator Alan Ball allowed to happen during the last 15 minutes of the show, please meet me in The Stranger’s Television Forum.

Smidgen of Hope

posted by on August 22 at 10:53 AM

There is one thing working against I-912, the gas tax repeal. Unlike R-51the gas tax increase from 2002 that went down in flames the tax in question this time (a gas tax to fund road projects) is not opposed by lefty enviro/transportation groups like Future Wise and Transportation Choices. In fact, the enviros support the gas tax increase this time. Aaron Ostrom, the executive director at Future Wise (formerly 1,000 Friends of Washington) explained the difference to me. He says the overwhelming majority of R-51 money went to new capacity road projects (baaad), while the new package “has its priorities right.” Ostrum says the overwhelming majority of money in the current gas tax is slated for the safety and maintenance of existing roads (goood)not for expanding auto capacity. (There’s $2 billion in there for the Viaduct.)
In 2002, Ostrum and his enviro base organized to kill R-51 in liberal Seattle (turf that’s usually supportive of tax increases for public projects.) Well, R-51 got walloped in King County53 to 46.
I’m thinking that this time, without the enviro left hooking up with the anti-tax right, I-912 could go down to an unexpected defeat. If only somebody (Gov. Gregoire, maybe?) would take advantage of this, and start making some noise.

Porn for the people

posted by on August 22 at 10:11 AM

Hump! was a fantastic success… the films were bite-size bits of hot, funny, dark, startling, tasty, and nauseating smut. I left the theater so proud of Seattle’s amateur filmmakers. Don’t Stop Believing (the porn bloopers one) won, in case you haven’t heard.

Fuming Mad

posted by on August 22 at 9:51 AM

What’s up with all those people smoking cigarettes at Hempfest over the weekend? Isn’t that like opting for onanism at an orgy?

Discovering the Discovery Institute

posted by on August 22 at 6:10 AM

I don’t think any of us are sufficiently terrified about the Discovery Institute, which keeps putting Seattle on the front page of the New York Times. Yesterday’s front-page story by Jodi Wilgoren outlines the organization’s basics, including its money sources. The best quote: the guy from the Bullitt Foundation, which used to fund the Discovery Institute but doesn’t since they’ve taken a turn toward the wacko, describing the operation as “the instutional love child of Ayn Rand and Jerry Falwell.”

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Burger King and the Spits

posted by on August 21 at 9:01 PM

Thanks to Michael Alan Goldberg for passing this one along from the Smoking Gun:
AUGUST 17—Claiming that its image and persona have been hijacked as part of a marketing campaign for Burger King’s new chicken fries, the costumed heavy metal band Slipknot is threatening the fast food giant with legal action. In the below August 4 letter, the band’s lawyers charge that Coq Roq—a mock metal band featured in new Burger King commercials—was created as a “look-alike, sound alike ‘band’ in order to influence the Slipknot generation to purchase Chicken Fries.” Counsel for the band notes that Coq Roq—whose masked members are supposed to resemble badass chickens—has blatantly copied several of Slipknot’s signature masks, including a gas mask, a kabuki-style face covering, and a mask with dreadlocks attached…Burger King wants a U.S. District Court judge in Miami to issue a “declaratory judgment” that the Coq Roq campaign does not infringe on Slipknot’s publicity and trademark rights. As for the similar masks, Burger King lawyers—who apparently read the metal mag Revolver—note that many groups “wear masks and/or make-up to accomplish a mask-like effect, including but not limited to the bands KISS, Gwar, Insane Clown Posse, Mushroomhead, Mudvayne, Marilyn Manson, Los Straitjackets, and the Spits.”