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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Triple the Pleasure

Posted by on July 27 at 16:27 PM

I almost forgot to write how amazing the Sufjan Stevens show was at the Triple Door last weekend. Not only because his music is both ebullient and heartbreaking, or because the band all wore “I” cheerleading outfits for most of the set to symbolize the new Illinois album. Although those were great highlights. It’s also because of the club itself. Unlike most of the bigger venues in town, the Triple Door doesn’t overcrowd shows, they don’t allow smoking (which is such a huge difference) and the stage background is made up of lots of electric stars that change colors as the performer plays. Sure, you don’t need every rock show to be this classy, but it’s such a much needed respite from the norm I can only hope they’ll continue booking more rock shows, even if it’s only the softer side of the indie/folk stuff.