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Friday, July 15, 2005

Seattle Music Fest Trouble

Posted by on July 15 at 10:38 AM

The Seattle Music Fest (the annual music-filled weekend on Alki Beach) is having some funding trouble this year. If they don’t raise enough money through donations and sponsors, they’ll have to cancel the whole thing. The line-up is pretty good this year too, featuring headliners They Might Be Giants and United State of Electronica. Plus, a bunch of local bands are scheduled to play, including Post Stardom Depression, Key Note Speaker, Ms. Led, and the Femurs.

Adam Sheridan, Executive Director, suggests a few ways you can help save the Music Fest…

--  Phone calls. Do you work anywhere that can sponsor? Do you have friends who work anywhere that can sponsor?

--  Contribute ahead of time; we even have perks (like backstage access) for bigger contributors.
Most of you would throw some money in the bins at the fest. If you'd contribute now, we can have enough dollars to help ahead of time. Please call us to contribute by credit or debit card (206 632-4545) or see this web page: You can pledge without paying until we confirm the event.

--  Get word to someone you know who has the resources to help and appreciates the arts.

For more information, please visit: