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Friday, July 22, 2005

RE: Stella v. Chappelle-a

Posted by on July 22 at 13:19 PM

I would just like to publicly and whole-heartedly disagree with Sean Nelson’s statements regarding comedy troupe Stella. Now I can’t say whether Stella is funnier than the Chappelle show (I’m not prepared for such a debate), but I can say that I find Stella to be really fucking hilarious.

David Wain, Michael Showalter, and Michael Ian Black (all of the State and Wet Hot American Summer fame) have been performing as Stella for years now, and I've seen their stand-up a couple times and watched their DVD over and over and over again. And each and every time I've laughed my ass off. Their older shorts and live performances are funnier than the show, I must admit, but it's still way funnier than Non-Hodkin's Lymphoma.

Granted, I've had a crush on Michael Ian Black since I was about 16 (yes, even during his years on the NBC television show Ed), so that might play into my strong admiration, but the dudes are just so random and awkward with really dry and sarcastic humor... I think they are absolutely funny. I really do. Even on TV.