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Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Re: Not so fast, Josh…

Posted by on July 6 at 10:34 AM

Well, as one would expect in a study whose lead author (Rieger) is a grad student and whose senior author (the besmirched Bailey) is a professor, the grad student is in Bailey’s lab. Which means he’s hardly outside the sphere of Bailey’s influence. Bailey probably helped design the study, at minimum.

My completely uneducated opinion is that it’s possibly problematic that the study judged attraction to women based on responses to porn featuring exclusively girl-on-girl action, which, while hardly unpopular, is but a subset of straight porn. Most straight guys like watching porn that features large erect penises. But, um, I’m obviously getting way out of my league here…

So forget all that, and look at this picture of Rieger and a male companion and a pretty, pretty sunset.

And more disturbing, here’s a list of Bailey’s favorite artists/albums. After If I Should Fall from the Grace of God by the Pogues, the next artist is “God.” Apparently God didn’t make any records.