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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Re: Charles Know it All

Posted by on July 14 at 16:25 PM

I will begin by pointing out that handing a school teacher an apple is the same as saying this: I want to fuck you. I have no idea what a student is saying when they hand a teacher a pomegranate. I have even less of an idea what a naked woman is saying when she hands a naked man a pomegranate. It has to be an apple, Annie.

As for my Bible College in Pennsylvania, I’m upset that you brought up that period of my life and made it public, Josh. And besides, it wasn’t a Bible College as such but a school with a lot of people (white people—sorry to bring race into all of this but I couldn’t help it) who believed in the Bible. And it was at this Bible crazy school that I discovered Hegel and Marx and not Jesus and Paul. So there.