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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Re: American Sex Appeal

Posted by on July 13 at 20:10 PM

Let me state for the record, I am not what one would call a fashion plate. But I kinda like American Apparel clothes. Their small t-shirt is actually small, and the cotton they use is super-soft. Also these are the best shorts to wear to bed, ever. (They also look pretty good on the Atomic Bombshells.)

HOWEVER, I do have a bone to pick with American Apparel. It’s their advertising. I’m fine with the sexy girls, and the sweaty boys, and yay for sweatshop-freeness. But “brand-free”? Please. You cannot run a heavy advertising campaign featuring the aforementioned instantly recognizable sexy girls and sweaty boys and expect to remain brandless. Maybe when I bought that band t-shirt several years ago, and it said “Classic Girl” and I had no idea that a company called American Apparel made it… Maybe they were brand-free then. But now, no way.