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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

NewsFlash: Casey Corr to Run Against Casey Corr

Posted by on July 13 at 13:58 PM

Last January, when Casey Corr announced he was running against Richard Conlin, he called Conlin the “Duke of Dither” referring to Conlin’s famed obstructionism against everything from the Mayor’s development agenda to the monorail. Here’s what Corr told the Seattle Times on January 12, 2005:

“Corr said transportation, building the new monorail, public safety and education would be his priorities. Corr said Conlin, chairman of the Transportation Committee, has been inconsistent, ineffective and a monorail critic.”

BUT NOW that Casey has jumped out of the Conlin race and into the Jan Drago race, he’s lambasting Jan Drago for pushing the monorail. Here’s what he says to the Seattle Times on July 12, 2005:

“Corr, a former journalist and aide to Mayor Greg Nickels, cited Drago’s support for Seattle’s embattled monorail project as the main reason for his change.”

So, which is it Casey? You say you don’t want an obstructionist and you say you don’t want an advocate. Since your own quotes contradict each other, maybe you should consider running against yourself.