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Monday, July 25, 2005

New from Local Radio DJ Amanda Wilde

Posted by on July 25 at 9:42 AM

Long after ex-KEXP DJ Amanda Wilde was let go from that station, I still received phone calls and emails in her support and asking why the station would let her go. Which goes to show she has some staunch supporters in this city. Amanda recently emailed me to get the news out about her newest radio project, “Music Sparks Memories,” which will air the first week in August on KUOW.

Amanda writes, “I’ve just completed the first piece of an audio documentary project called ‘Music Sparks Memories,’ a series which explores the visceral effects of music and memory.

Based on the fact that memories sparked by music are immediate and crystal clear, providing a compelling and relevant window through which to view pivotal historical and cultural events, this documentary focuses on life on the home front during WWII as told by Puget Sound residents, looking at their remembered experience through the lens of popular music of that time. And, as we know, popular music of that time has become an integral part of our collective cultural consciousness, so the series touches on the question of why this music is so enduring.

"A short version of the piece airs Tuesday, August 2nd on KUOW's 'Morning Edition.' Then, a longer version airs Friday, August 5th, on KUOW's 'Weekday' at 9:00am, followed by a discussion with listeners and in-studio guests."