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Friday, July 8, 2005


Posted by on July 8 at 11:30 AM

Does this strike anyone else as a cringe-worthy and counterproductive theme for a pro-choice fundraiser. It seems politically idiotic for the preeminent pro-choice group in the country to be sponsoring this pandering, pseudo-hipster “sex positive” event. It undermines NARAL’s credibility as an organization that is seriously concerned with unwanted pregnancies by playing into the right’s stereotypes about the left as a promiscuous bunch of libertines. Wow-weee, the left is “pro-sex”and those meanie Christian activists want to preach abstinence in the schools. Look, I’m just as freaked out as anyone about the creeping evisceration of separation of church and state (see links below), but let’s be smart politically. A “Screw Abstinence” fundraiser is fucking trite, juvenile, and politically stupid.

The Stranger news section broke the the story about the Christian sex ed program at Lake Washington H.S. and has followed up with this story and and this one about the scary stuff that's going on at LWHS re: Separation of Church and State.