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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Re: Eli’s Tortured Gymnastics

Posted by on July 10 at 18:56 PM

Enough with the tortured analogies, Eli. I’m not making an analogy. The significance of the source being at Time (rather than coming from inside the government) just highlights what I’ve been saying all along: The media was complicit in the government wrong doing (the retaliation against Wilson). Therefore, it’s fitting that the whistle blower is a member of the media. There really was no difference between the W.H. and the Media on this all along. Time was doing Bush’s bidding, and now, someone at Time is doing the right thing by giving the evidence to Newsweek to expose that collaboration. At least somebody still understands the role of the media: Exposing government corruption, not aiding and abetting it. No analogies. This source is literally calling bullshit on both the media and karl Rove.