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Tuesday, July 5, 2005

Making the Tour de France Bearable…

Posted by on July 5 at 17:39 PM

Beer may make the Tour de France more enjoyable, but what can’t be made more enjoyable by a few beers? Root canals, audits, and funerals all go better with beer. I would like to propose a cycling-specific idea that would make The Tour de France much more exciting to watch: Seat Cams.

Basically everyone’s bike seat would have a tiny fiber-optic camera mounted on it. When the goings get dull (which they get every, oh, four seconds or so), the director cuts away to a bike-seat’s-eye-view of some incredibly hot guy’s ass.

Watching hottie Dave Zabriskie’s ass as he pumps his way up a mountain would be much more fun than watching “the pack” go up the very same mountain.

Seat Cams! Seat Cams! Seat Cams!