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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Last Days: This Week’s Also-Rans

Posted by on July 28 at 8:00 AM

Due to word limits and time constraints, not every news story boasting the requisite freakishness, horror, and/or pathos makes the cut for the week’s Last Days column. But thanks to the miracle of Slog, each week’s Last Days also-rans can now be shared with the public.

First up is a ridiculous tragedy from Oklahoma, where a 63-year-old man in the town of Hominy is facing murder charges after allegedly gunning down 26-year-old waitress in a local diner in broad daylight. According to the Editor & Publisher report, the motive for the alleged murder is believed to be a letter written by the waitress to the Hominy News Progress, suggesting the man was responsible for some local vandalism. Surreal fact: The Hominy News Progress had recently honored the alleged murderer as Citizen of the Year. Tragic fact: The waitness was 11 weeks pregnant.

Then there's the Yahoo news report about the Florida dad who allegedly beat his toddler son to death to "prevent him from being gay."

FInally, there are two wonderful Hot Tips, both eyewitness reports of dazzling local freakery:

From Hot Tipper 1 (whose name I've unfortunately misplaced): "My friend Paul and I were walking through the Arboretum Monday evening. As we crossed over one of the bridges we saw two things: Three UW canoes full of women about to pass under and a scabby maniac with a wild look in his eyes standing on the bridge. He was fumbling with what looked like a trumpet case and I was staring at him, fascinated to know what was inside. As I walked by, he winked at me and grunted, "I am just getting a bra." I nodded and laughed. I turned around after passing him to see him dangling and shaking a very large purple bra at these women as they passed under the bridge in their canoes."

From Hot Tipper 2, whose name is Cherie: "I was sitting at the bus stop on 15th & John out in front of the Safeway. An inebriated street person came out of the store and sat next to me on the bus bench. He then tried to sell me the socks he was wearing for $2.60. I declined. Next, he pulled out his yellow dentures and spit a blood clot onto the socks, gave me a toothless bloody grin, and said, "I'm a lesbian.” Then he walked away."