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Friday, July 15, 2005

Confidential to Joel Connelly

Posted by on July 15 at 13:35 PM

Joel Connelly, of the Seattle PI, says he caught me dreaming at Wednesday night’s City Council candidate forum in West Seattle. In his column today, he quotes from the SLOG item I posted yesteday morning about the event, in which I said the crowd had cheered a feisty pro-monorail speech by Paige Miller. Connelly wrote:

“The crowd was stunned, and then broke into applause,” Josh Feit of The (fanatically pro-monorail) Stranger wrote in a blog yesterday.

In your dreams!

I definitely get a little carried away in my dreamy support of the monorail, but about half the crowd broke out into applause (and I counted two yelps of shout-out support) after Miller said her piece. I’ll admit to being a little sleepy after listening to Richard Conlin’s circuitous defense of his legislation to siphon bus hours away from Metro for Paul Allen’s trolley (you looked a little drowsy yourself, Joel), but I’m pretty sure I was conscious during Miller’s monorail pitch.