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Tuesday, July 5, 2005

Heather McHugh is the Bomb

Posted by on July 5 at 14:42 PM

Two Stranger staff favorites filmmaker and artist Miranda July and poet Heather McHugh both appear in the current issue of Bomb. The two interviews are excellent. Read together they make great contrasting portraits of two Northwest artists (July lived in Portland but has since moved to Los Angeles and McHugh calls Seattle home). McHugh is from the academy and July was nurtured by the DIY aesthetic. Sure, their worlds are completely different but their opinions intersect a lot on a certain organic approach to their work and McHugh’s accompanying work in the magazine is of her usual impeccably high quality.

On a side note, Bomb is one of my favorite magazines, but last year I learned the hard way that absent-mindedly wearing its t-shirt to the airport is a very bad idea. Suffice it to say, I pay very close attention to how I dress before flying now.