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Monday, July 25, 2005

Elliott Smith Tribute Disc

Posted by on July 25 at 15:24 PM

Pitchfork’s Joel Ebner reported today that “a fledgling label called Expunged Records will be publishing a tribute album this fall featuring covers of [Elliott Smith’s] music. Each of the artists involved so far hail from Smith’s hometown of Portland, Oregon; the tentative roster includes the Decemberists (“Clementine”), Dolorean (“The Biggest Lie”), Lifesavas (“Happiness”), and the Thermals (“Ballad of Big Nothing”). A previously unreleased Smith song entitled “High Times” will be performed by Singer/Songwriter Sean Croghan; acts who have yet to confirm a selection include Jeff Trott, Sexton Blake, The Society of People of Ambience and Elegance, Amelia, Crosstide and Telephone, and Swords (formerly the Swords Project).” Ebner notes that the disc should be out around the 2-year anniversary of Smith’s death.