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Friday, July 15, 2005

Decibel Fest 2005 Preview

Posted by on July 15 at 16:10 PM

Decibelone of Seattle’s and America’s best electronic-music festivalshas announced a sneak preview of many of the acts who’ll be performing at its second edition Sept 22-25. Decibel’s first year was phenomenal, if not unscathed by the typical flaws of a fledgling event. 2005 is shaping up to be another essential bombardment of the senses.

A partial list of participants:
Isolee, Akufen, Thomas Fehlmann, Fennesz, Deadbeat, Tim Hecker, Lusine, Caro, Bruno Pronsato, Jerry Abstract, Jeff Samuel, Aeroc, Jacob London

This is outstanding curatorship, and more excellent coups are sure to come. Watch this space.