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Monday, July 25, 2005

Death Cult Strikes Again

Posted by on July 25 at 11:48 AM

It was a beautiful weekend, so I decided to ruin it by going shoe shopping downtown. While I was there, I saw the headlines about the bombing in Egypt, and not five minutes later, saw a woman in a burqa stumbling up Pike Street from the market, and started shaking with rage. To the people who wrote letters last week blaming the war in Iraq for the London terror attacksreasoning that the attacks keep happening in war-supporting nations like U.S., Spain, and U.K. (uh, and Bali…)let me just say, you were wrong and you remain dangerously, disgustingly wrong.

And your case just keeps getting harder to maintain. Do you think the two groups (Holy Warriors of Egypt and Abdullah Azzam Brigades) jockeying to claim responsibility for the murder of 64-88 innocent people ("The Health Ministry said 64 people were killed but local hospitals put the toll at 88, saying the ministry count does not include sets of body parts."-AP) did it out of some righteous protest against Egypt's occupation of Arab lands, or their sympathy for the infidels, or because George W. Bush is such an insensitive cad? No. They did it in the name of sub-human religious bullshit that predates not only the Iraq war, or the formation of Israel, but also the fucking Enlightenment (and the Renaissance, and the Crusades). They did it to try and free the region of Jews and Christians and Muslims who aren't Muslim enough, to scare the world into believing in their pathetic fake God, and to make the world safe for the subjugation of women, like the one I saw trudging past McDonald's, wearing her prison made out of cloth (despite, or because of, the fact that she was unaccompanied). A group of black girls decked out in skin-tight mall finery were waiting on the bus island as she passed. They laughed awkwardly at her self-imposed condition and didn't know where to look. Who can blame them?