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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

American Sex Appeal 2

Posted by on July 13 at 14:37 PM

I just got this reply from the Sacramento News & Review’s Jeffrey M. Barker about my earlier post on American Apparel:

“Um, hello! American Apparel’s appeal is that the clothes are American made, non-sweatshop goods. Sure, there’s no style or flare, just like at the Gap. But the Gap stuff is all made overseas by people getting paid too little and working in poor conditions and yadda yadda all that anti-sweatshop jazz. They’re not overpriced. That’s how much clothes should cost. We’ve just gotten so used to artificial WalMart pricing.”

Jeffrey I’ll give you that one: Non-sweatshop goods is a good thing. And I’ll also give the company that when bands use their shirts for merch, that’s a good thing too. But I’m still not sold on the products themselves.