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Friday, July 15, 2005

A reminder, a fuckup, and a recommendation

Posted by on July 15 at 10:24 AM

If your weekend plans involve music, a couple things to keep in mind…. One, I fucked up the Up & Comings this week and the Noise for the Needy Benefit shows listed in the Up & Comings (in the paper) on Friday were actually last night. Oops. (Sorry about that.) Two, I spaced on recommending DJ Colby B’s birthday party at Chop Suey. Colby has been spinning all over town forever (including as one of the ladies of Comeback) and to celebrate her big day she pulled together a ton of great local DJs for a free party at Chop Suey Saturday night. And three, for anyone curious as to what the Diamond Nights, the band I gushed over this week, sounds like, you can listen to one of their tracks here. They play the Crocodile Sunday.