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Friday, June 10, 2005

The Other Bush

Posted by on June 10 at 13:05 PM

Early this morning I came across this passage in Gadamar’s collection of essays called Hegel’s Dialectic: “[Hegel] sees his procedure [the dialectic] as the true rediscovery of the philosophical demonstration, whose logical form cannot be the one given in Euclid’s systematic presentation of geometery and subsequently analyzed in Aristotle’s Organon.” The appearance of the last word, Organon, surprised me. The first place I saw or heard this word was in the first line of Kate Bush’s absolutely beautiful “Cloudbusting”: “I still dream of Organon/I wake up crying/You’re making rain/And you’re just in reach/When you and sleep escape me…” I have loved this song since first buying the album it’s on, Hounds of Love, in 1986, yet I never bothered to determine what the hell Organon means and why it makes Kate Bush wake up crying. A little research in my library, which has several books on the history of philosophy, produced an answer: Organon is a book of logic by Aristotle. Apparently, it has six parts that mainly deal with interpretation, the classification of things that exist, and syllogistic systems and methods. Now, after all these years (nearly two decades!), I finally know why Kate Bush wakes up crying. A dream of Organon is surely not a happy dream.