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Thursday, June 9, 2005


Posted by on June 9 at 16:50 PM

Our editorial offices are even quieter than the blog today. Several people are out of town, most of the others are out in the city doing interviews/seeing movies/looking into stories/playing hooky. The rest of usall five-are apparently doing things too boring to blog about.

Like me, for example. I’m doing research on beauty (or lack thereof) in the lesbian community. Think: the Beauty Myth meets Queer studies. Yeah, I told you it was too boring to blog about. You really do not want to have to wade through a Slog post detailing whiny, psuedo-feminist rants (and academic journal articles!) about how the characters on Showtime’s “the L Word” are too pretty and feminine, and butches aren’t represented on the show, dammit. Puh-leaze.

There goes Megan Selingoff to listen to CDs.

And then there were four…