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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Re: End the Confusion Now

Posted by on June 28 at 15:35 PM

I said jazz not fusion. Fusion is all that stuff Miles made after he abandoned handsome suits for rock (funky chicken) costumes. And how on earth can any one compare the work Hancock made between 62 and 69, to what he has made since 1970 (“Maiden Voyage” is serious/man art; “Future Shock” is toy/boy art)?

Fusion is jazz; it’s a crucial stage in the music’s evolution, except to those equipped with a decidedly narrow view of what jazz is (not that I’m an expert, but let’s be a little more open-minded here).
Hancock made some amazing albums in the early ’70s before Future Shock:
Sextant, Headhunters, Crossings, Thrust, Mwandishi. They’re all as serious as your life.