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Monday, June 6, 2005

Pope Condemns Heterosexual Divorce, Birth Control

Posted by on June 6 at 14:56 PM

During the orgy of cheap sentiment that washed over the world after John Paul II’s death, I wrote in Savage Love of my annoyance with straight people who paid attention when the Pope condemned gay people, gay sex, and gay marriage, but conveniently ignored the ol’ celibate when he condemned heterosexual people and heterosexual sex.

We’ve got a new Pope, Benedict, but the same old double standard. Today Pope Benedict/Ratzinger condemned birth control, divorce, gay marriage, trial marriages, and free-style unions, whatever that is, labeling all “anti-family.” (This is, of course, the same guy who defended and covered for all those priests who raped Catholic children in the U.S., Europe, and Latin American.) Of the things on that list, only onegay marriageisn’t about straight people.

So how did the mainstream media report the Pope Benedict’s idiotic comments? Under this headline:


That was the Reuter’s headline, which was reproduced on Matt “Just Another Breeder” Drudge’s website, The Drudge Report.

It’s maddening. The Pope condemns divorce and birth control, lumps them in with gay marriage, and dismisses all three as “pseudo-freedoms.” But only gay marriage makes the headline, and in most cases it’s only the headline that people will read.


Hey, straight people! The Pope hates you too!