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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Meanwhile Up North…

Posted by on June 28 at 16:43 PM

The House of Commons - the one in Canada, not the UK - is debating a bill that would legalize gay marriage across the country. (It’s already legal in seven, er, states or provinces or suburbs or whatever they’re called up there.) Is the timing intentional? God, I hope so. The religious right in the USA, our homegrown nutjobs, have been exporting anti-gay dollars and attempting to bully Canadian pols away from gay marriage. (They pulled the same stunt on marijuana reform.) These are, of course, the same idjits who cried bloody murder when a newspaper in the UK organized a letter-writing campaign, urging their readers to write to Americans in swing states and beg them not to vote for Bush. They were interfering with our democracy, meddling, etc.

Well, it didn’t work on marijuana - they reformed their laws, nevermind what our Drug Czar had to say - and the bullying isn’t going to work on gay marriage, apparently. If it passes, the legalization of gay marriage in Canada will compete with Bush’s speech on the front pages of American newspapers tomorrow. Way to go, Canada!