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Thursday, June 9, 2005

Mayor Nickels v. President Bush

Posted by on June 9 at 9:01 AM

This article in The Guardian exposing ExxonMobil’s hold on the Bush administration (re: The Kyoto Protocols) is just another reason to be psyched about what Mayor Nickels is up to this weekend. Nickels left for Chicago today to attend the National Conference of Mayors where he’s pushing a resolution to get U.S. cities to honor the international environmental accord that Clinton singed on to in 1998, but Bush spat on in 2001 by withdrawing. Nickels goes to Chicago having already gotten 161 cities to sign on. This is Urban Identity Politics at its best. Unfortunately, the two committees that are taking up Nickels’ resolution to honor the Kyoto Protocols are chaired by hostile Red City Mayors: Mayor Bob Young of Augusta, Georgia and Mayor Patrick McCrory of Charlotte, North Carolina. I’ll keep you posted on how Greg does in Chicago.