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Tuesday, June 7, 2005

Howard Dean: Speaks the Truth!

Posted by on June 7 at 17:18 PM

Howard Dean called the Republican Party the “white Christian party.”

The white Christians of the Republican Party are flipping out - this is almost a classic example of a “gaff,” as defined by Michael Kinsley: a politician telling the truth in public. The Republican Party IS the Christian party, so long as your definition of Christian only includes evangelicals. The Rs take their marching orders from Dobson, Robertson, Bauer, Falwell. And look at voting patterns: The Rs got, what, 11% of the African American vote in 2004? 20% of the Hispanic vote?

So I think it’s entirely accurate to describe the Rs as the White Christian party. How can they take offense? Aren’t their supporters the ones who run around describing the country as a “Christian nation”?

And who can forget the pulpit/podium — complete with a cross! — on the stage at the Republican National Convention? The GOP is overrun with religious bigot, or “religists” as one Savage Love reader suggested we label them.