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Monday, June 6, 2005

Get Yer Roller Derby Tix

Posted by on June 6 at 13:36 PM

I bet none of you have had the chance to see the Rat City Roller Girls in action yet. While their White Center roller rink digs were charming, the venue only sat a few hundred people. Tickets for the first few bouts sold out in minutes. Those who were able to get in were very, very lucky. I just barely squeaked in last month.

That all changes today.

The June 25 bout is in a new venuea hangar at Sand Point. That means lots more people can squeeze in around the flat track, so the tickets aren’t going to sell out instantly. (Though I played it safe and nabbed my tickets first thing this morning, before posting this alert. I bet they’ll all sell fairly soon.) You should go. I’ll be there, rooting for the Derby Liberation Front. Or the Throttle Rockets. I haven’t decided yet.